McLaren’s Carpet: “Beautiful Guarantee” Since 1975!

The key to their success is simple: “We’re accessible, we don’t hide,” Steve explains. “If there’s an issue, we take care of it then and there. We offer a fair price. Sometimes we’re higher, and sometimes we’re lower, and sometimes we’re in the middle. But we do offer a fair price, and we stand behind our products. That’s probably what we’re best known for.”

Discovering Woodburn and Beyond: Flavors of Old Mexico

os Cabos Mexican Restaurant in Woodburn is all about family! Come in and enjoy the taste of traditional Mexican dishes in a family-friendly atmosphere. Known for their modern interpretation of classic Mexican recipes, Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant takes pride in each and every dish using only the freshest ingredients possible. A cornerstone of the Woodburn community for more than 20 years, they have been recognized for outstanding Mexican cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. So, what are you waiting for? Treat the whole family to a delicious dinner at Los Cabos today!

Woodburn & Hubbard Fire Districts Strengthen The Power To Respond

“Sharing resources is vital to the continued safety of these two communities. Both fire districts have much to offer one another and it is exciting to see us training together. As we plan for the future, I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with both districts as we determine what additional sharing of resources may look like. This will inevitably help to better serve the residents and property owners of both communities.”

The Woodburn Pet Hospital Veterinarians

One upside to all of the madness that resulted from a worldwide pandemic and the ensuing chaos is this: many of us rescued, adopted, or purchased four-legged furry companions to help us through those long and lonely housebound days. Recent estimates have suggested that as many as 11.38 million households in the United States have acquired pets since last spring!