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Woodburn Fire Welcomes Two Firefighter Paramedics

On Wednesday, Sept. 20, the Woodburn Fire District (WFD) welcomed two new firefighter paramedics to the career staff. Firefighters Tom Cally and Jared Redmon have filled vacancies left by Lieutenant Mitchell Raines and firefighter Tyson Gradwahl who recently accepted positions outside Woodburn. Although new to their positions, neither Cally nor Redmon are strangers to Woodburn.

Cally came to Woodburn in 2021 when he accepted a position as a recruitment and retention coordinator, where he worked to support the recruitment of volunteers and oversee the student program. Cally is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a degree in business administration and is certified as a paramedic in Oregon.

“The culture of a fire district is very important to me,” Cally said. “Woodburn focuses on aggressive training for fire attack, a high level of physical fitness and meeting the needs of the community. The minimum staffing of four on the engine, including at least one paramedic, allows us to accomplish a lot on scene and focus on saving lives, property and environment.”

Redmon began his career with the WFD in 2019 as a student resident volunteer, where he was able to work alongside career firefighters while attending Chemeketa Community College. He was recognized as the 2020 Student Firefighter of the Year and earned multiple unit commendations. Redmon holds degrees in fire science and paramedicine. “I have had the benefit of experiencing the [WFD] and the community as a student. Working for Woodburn allows me to work with good people. Career members work as both engineers that drive and operate the apparatus and firefighters, which allow us to become well-rounded firefighters. I also enjoy the diverse population; being bilingual in Spanish allows me to better connect and communicate with the communities that we serve.”

Cally and Redmon have joined Woodburn Fire following an extensive hiring process that began in the spring of 2022. The top applicants from an initial written test were invited to an assessment center that evaluated candidates’ education and experience and their firefighting and emergency medical skills. Following the assessment center, the candidates were placed in ranked order on a hiring eligibility list. Cally and Redmon came out high on the list and were invited to further interviews and comprehensive background checks.

Cally and Redmon will undergo an intensive year-long training program with in-depth coverage of the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively perform their duties. At the end of their firefighter training, they will enter the fire district field training and evaluation program for paramedics where they will perform advanced life-support functions under the supervision of seasoned field training officers and mentors.

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Lt. Jon Koenig Promoted to Station Captain

The Woodburn Fire District (WFD) is pleased to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Jon Koenig to station captain. The promotion ceremony was held during the Sept. 20 fire district board meeting. He is the first career firefighter to be designated as station captain in the WFD. The creation of the position became necessary as a result of growth of the fire district and the partial staffing of the James Street station in Woodburn.
Captain Koenig is a certified paramedic with 30 years of fire service experience, including 23 years serving the residents of Woodburn, Gervais and surrounding areas. Koenig was promoted to lieutenant in 2019, where he has led a crew of firefighters assigned to one of three shifts at the district’s main station. In addition to his emergency response duties, Koenig manages the WFD’s wildland response program and serves as an operations chief trainee for one of the state of Oregon’s incident management teams.
Koenig has received many awards for outstanding service to the community and leadership in the district. His recognitions include two unit commendations, an Oregon Fire Chief’s Award and a ribbon of merit.
As captain, Koenig supervises 11 career firefighters and lieutenants assigned to all three shifts at the fire station.