Pop Culture

End of an Era in Canby History

Step back in time to 1989 in Canby – a simpler time filled with long evenings on the porch and kids playing outside. While the introduction of “Voice Mail” was a big deal, people were still focused on TV, Blockbuster, and Nintendo. In January, Canby said goodbye to the Farm Store, a main source of farm supplies since 1957. Hi-Way Market began its transformation to a mall, and local celebrity Joni Harms headed to Nashville to sign with a major record label.

Canby Music is Music to Your Ears

Discover the premier music store in the region – Canby Music. They offer high-quality instruments, music lessons, rentals, and repairs/maintenance. With undying passion and praise for his team, founder Brian Haines has an array of talented instructors waiting to serve you. Call 503-263-2263 or visit canbymusic.com today.

Reel Movie Reviews – Spring Cinema

Discover family-friendly adventure, comedy and romance with ‘A Bug’s Life’ – a masterful work from John Lasseter, creator of ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Cars’. Join Flik and his star-studded army in a battle against sinister grasshoppers. Plus, learn about the spring equinox and enjoy the classic films, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Stream or rent now from your local movie store or library.

April Fools’ Day, Hoaxes and Halaria

Get ready to discover the wild evolution of April Fools’ Day! From ancient Roman times to medieval Europe, this day has transformed into a hilarious day of pranks and hoaxes. So get ready to join in on the fun, be a good sport, and appreciate the playful traditions of this holiday!

Canby Wrestling Pins Hopes on Doman

Canby High School athlete, Jackson Doman, dominates both wrestling and football with unmatched skills, including a 31-0 wrestling record and a recent tournament win. With family support and an unwavering dedication to his craft, Doman looks forward to leading his team to victory in the playoffs.

3 Movies that you love to turn green for on St. Patty’s

Reminisce about the enchanting world of leprechauns and fairy tales in the timeless classic Darby O’Gill and The Little People. Additionally, explore the history of St. Patrick and delve into the fascinating world of Irish folklore and culture with The Secret of Kells. For a bit of rebellion, indulge in the nostalgic comedy series Derry Girls. Watch now for a trip down memory lane.

Ripe for the Picking

Fruition is the real deal; with artistic integrity, they’ve steadily grown since their 2008 debut. Their latest album promises grit and immediacy, with moving lyrics, catchy hooks, and creamy-smooth harmonies – soulful music.