Spring Cleaning Your Financials

Don’t let spring be just about plants and taxes. Refresh your finances with these 3 mistakes to avoid: budgeting for the wrong year; automatically renewing insurance; and losing sight of your savings. Fine-tune your budget, check insurance rates, and plan ahead for savings. Download a budget worksheet and consider automatic payroll deductions. Stay motivated and make the most of the season!

Tax Time Is the Right Time in Six Steps

During tax time, use this six-step process to conduct a thorough budget checkup. It will help you achieve your financial goals by organizing your expenses and evaluating your savings. Take control of your money with practical tips and fully understand your assets and liabilities to make tax season a breeze.

Making a Grand Exit

If you own a business, you’ve always got a lot on your mind. But no matter how busy you are today, you need to think about tomorrow. Specifically, you’ll want to create an exit strategy for the day you want to move on from your business to a new phase in your life.


two thirds of Americans who haven’t created an estate plan, you might want to get started now. Even if you don’t think you have enough assets to leave to anyone, you’ll gain peace of mind by completing a last will and testament- as well as a living will stipulating what your end-of-life or care preferences are if you become incapacitated.


Adaptability. Deep faith. Positivity. Common qualities found in many uncommon heroes, quietly going about their lives. Like Eric Sawyer. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, his family moved to California when he was a baby and eventually settled in Hockinson,WA. Brought up observing a mother who gave back to others, Eric claims his Mom inspired him with her optimism and ability to positively deal with change, teaching him, “If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you find an excuse.”