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Keeping You Comfortable With Care

Choose Focus Heating & Cooling for top-notch HVAC services that prioritize your well-being and give back to the community. Their commitment to honesty, customer care, and employee well-being separates them from other companies, while their wide range of services ensures all your heating and cooling needs are covered. Call 503-769-7519 to ensure peak HVAC performance and longevity.

Exit Strategy Seminar for Business Owners

Owning and running a business, especially one that you established with your own two hands, is a very personal thing. You have taken great pains to build it up and ensure its viability. Your heart and soul are interwoven in the fabric of its existence, and selling it is an emotional event as much as it is a financial one. Proceeding with that kind of transition should be done on your terms, and without regret. You should feel confident that you’ve made the right choices; that your business and your legacy will remain intact.

New Construction Is Driving The Market

builders (of new construction) are currently driving the market. In order to attract buyers away from choosing existing homes in more mature neighborhoods, they are offering relatively generous incentive packages. For those looking to buy new, this is a terrific opportunity, but it’s imperative to find an agent who is well-versed in the particulars of working with builders, someone who can help you negotiate those incentives.


Adaptability. Deep faith. Positivity. Common qualities found in many uncommon heroes, quietly going about their lives. Like Eric Sawyer. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, his family moved to California when he was a baby and eventually settled in Hockinson,WA. Brought up observing a mother who gave back to others, Eric claims his Mom inspired him with her optimism and ability to positively deal with change, teaching him, “If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you find an excuse.”