Navigating the Digital Realm

Safeguard your digital assets by developing a comprehensive inventory of your accounts and passwords. Utilize a password management program for efficient access. Consider designating a digital executor with the necessary technical expertise to manage your digital estate. To prevent confusion or disputes in the future, clearly outline your preferences for each digital asset in your estate plan.

Tax Time Is the Right Time in Six Steps

During tax time, use this six-step process to conduct a thorough budget checkup. It will help you achieve your financial goals by organizing your expenses and evaluating your savings. Take control of your money with practical tips and fully understand your assets and liabilities to make tax season a breeze.

Estate Planning

It is also possible to start gifting your ownership interest to your heirs or beneficiaries now, during your lifetime. There are some complexities related to lifetime gifting (federal gift tax returns, annual gift tax exclusion amounts, lack of a “step-up” in basis, etc.). Nevertheless, this can be a viable and important part of an estate plan.