Canby High School Mat Mastery

Discover the inspiring journey of Emilia Ensrud, a freshman phenom from Canby High School, who comes from a family lineage of wrestlers. With a strong passion for the sport and inherent talent, Emilia wrestled her way to take third place at the 2023-24 OSAA State Championships.

The Canby Kids Are Alright:

Almost every story about success a Canby High School team or athlete has experienced at the state level is also a story about Canby Kids. Canby Kids Inc., is the local, independent nonprofit organization dedicated to providing youth recreational and competitive team sports opportunities for children in and around the Canby area on a year-round basis.

Meet The Athlete: Chance Miller

Known for being a human highlight reel on the gridiron, it may surprise readers to learn that Miller’s first love was a very different sport. Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, he grew up with a passion for bicycle motocross, better known as BMX. “My parents owned up a BMX bike shop up there in Alaska,” he recalled. “So, as a kid, I was out there at, like, 3 years old, riding the track.”

Tucker Hunter: An Athelete Shooting For The Stars

Tucker is the son of former Canby Cougar baseball coach Marty Hunter and former Canby cheer coach Kim Hunter, who passed away in 2015 from ovarian cancer. Tucker graduated from CHS in 2010 and then studied at Oklahoma State University, graduating in 2014. The AGT segment featured Tucker and his All Star Cheer team, the CA Wildcats based out of the Cheer Athletics gym in his new hometown of Plano, Texas.

Athlete: K’Den McMullin

K’Den McMullin’s senior year at Canby High School, it’s safe to say, has not gone quite the way he had planned.
It started off great. McMullin was selected by coaches and his fellow players to be one of the senior captains of the reinvigorated Canby Cougar football team.
McMullin, a running back, said the community excitement surrounding the team and the morale among the players was at an all-time high under new head coach Jimmy Joyce and his staff. Then, disaster struck on homecoming night last October against visiting Lakeridge.
It was a close game, and McMullin got the hand-off from quarterback Mikey Gibson on a critical fourth-down situation. It was his job to keep the drive alive, and he did. But the cost was pretty steep.