A Lifetime of Color and Creativity

Janet Hickok’s inspiring journey as an artist and educator showcases the incredible transformative power of art. Her unwavering passion for painting, dedication to education, and desire to share knowledge have left a lasting positive impact on her community.

Through the Lens

Meet Tyler Mode, an exceptionally talented professional photographer who has made a real difference in his community. Not only is he highly regarded for his stunning photography work, but he has also been recognized as the Citizen of the Year for his selfless contributions and commitment to making the world a better place. He is truly an inspiration to all who know him and his passion for his craft and his community is truly remarkable.

Nature’s Palette

Hey there! I am excited to share with you the story of Angela Hawes; a talented artist from Colton, Oregon. With her creative eye and keen attention to detail, Angela showcases stunning Pacific Northwest landscapes that are definitely worth checking out.

Artist Bob Hackney, The Man At The Wheel

Bob Hackney is a seasoned artist and a treasured part of the local community. With his wealth of experience and unique perspective on art, he offers invaluable guidance to many aspiring artists. Interacting with Bob, whether in an informal chat or a more formal class environment, enhances the artistic journey of his students.

Local Author Guaranteed To Give You Thrills and Chills

Kelly Romo is a local author and retired educator with a passion for writing. She has always been fascinated by unique characters, stories and settings in books. Once her children grew up, Kelly went back to school. She completed a master’s degree in fiction at Pacific University and successfully published her first novel shortly afterward. She has published four novels so far: two historical fiction and two thrillers.

Cougar Choir Wins Championship

They came. They sang. They conquered. That was the story as the Canby High School concert choir claimed their first state championship with a pitch-perfect performance in the OSAA Choir State Championships at Oregon State University on May 5.

Meet The Artist: Dick Eaton

His work is primarily of the Plein Air style (French meaning “outdoors”) which was popularized in the 19th Century and focuses on open air, outdoor subjects painted in the outdoors. Often they feature gorgeous, sweeping landscapes that transport you to another place. Far more challenging in many ways than studio work, Plein Air requires dedication to a communal relationship with nature. Weather, wildlife, quick-drying acrylic paints, and an ever-changing source of light provide constant hurdles to contend with, but Dick welcomes that challenge.