Woodburn & Hubbard Fire Districts Strengthen The Power To Respond

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Woodburn and Hubbard Fire Districts share resources and train together to better serve the residents of both communities. Recent agreements allow the 60 volunteer firefighters from both districts to serve interchangeably in both communities thereby establishing a larger pool of first responders to assist in emergencies. In addition, an intergovernmental agreement signed by the two district boards in June designates Hubbard’s Assistant Chief Michael Kahrmann as the shared Training Officer for both districts. This will allow the districts to establish specific standards, procedures, and engage in inter-district training.

One such training was hosted by Hubbard Fire District on July 13 on a vacant parcel in Hubbard’s industrial area. The training, focused on tactics for wildland fires, helps prepare the volunteers to control and extinguish fires in the forest and grasslands. Hubbard firefighter Robert Gendhar stated, “These hands-on trainings are vital for keeping our volunteers prepared for all types of emergencies.”

Fire Chief Joe Budge shared, “Sharing resources is vital to the continued safety of these two communities. Both fire districts have much to offer one another and it is exciting to see us training together. As we plan for the future, I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with both districts as we determine what additional sharing of resources may look like. This will inevitably help to better serve the residents and property owners of both communities.”

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