Woodburn Comcast Xfinity Internet Is Supercharged, Guaranteed To Satisfy

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Business Spotlight: Xfinity Woodburn

Xfinity Services by Comcast

The Comcast Xfinity Internet Van on location

Comcast is accelerating Oregon’s largest and fastest multi-gig deployment and Woodburn Comcast Xfinity Internet is leading the way. Across the company’s footprint in Oregon, Comcast now offers ultra-fast speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps to all Xfinity customers. The speeds the company offers today provide more than enough capacity to handle the internet needs of almost any household in the state. From downloading movies to high-speed web browsing, interactive schoolwork, videoconferencing, or posting on social media, the speed is there even if everyone in the family is online at the same time.

All of us are consuming more online content, not less. Applications like video streaming, 4K gaming, virtual reality, and videoconferencing are driving massive usage on internet networks. In fact, nearly a billion devices connected to Comcast’s network last year. That is why the company is building its Xfinity 10G Network to meet customer needs today and in anticipation of a future of ever-increasing demand.

10G refers to a network technology platform established by the cable industry association and technical standards group (NCTA, SCTE). This platform is the foundation of Comcast’s network, which is now delivering next-generation broadband in Oregon with faster speeds, greater reliability, lower latency, greater capacity, and enhanced performance. This technology platform will enable Comcast to provide multi-gig symmetrical speeds, as well as 10 Gigabit speeds in the future.

A Xfinity Internet worker, works on a power line

Comcast is significantly expanding the availability of its Xfinity 10G Network in Oregon this year. The majority of homes and businesses the company services in Woodburn already have the foundational next-generation network in place to introduce new multi-gigabit Internet options. Because of this momentum and work, Comcast recently announced the Xfinity 10G Network to recognize the work that the company has done and to signify where it is going in the future.

The first phase of network enhancements, now available throughout Comcast’s service footprint in Woodburn, initially offer a maximum download speed of 2 Gbps, combined with upload speeds up to 200 Mbps, five to ten times faster than Comcast’s previous upload speeds. Beyond Woodburn, Comcast expects that nearly half of its network in Oregon will offer multi-gig Internet speeds by the end of 2023.

This massive expansion project is largely invisible to the public because the company’s Hybrid-Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network architecture can quickly and continuously evolve customers’ connections with minimal disruption. The end goal is to offer every Xfinity customer in Oregon multigigabit symmetrical speeds over the connections already installed in their homes. And for applications like gaming, virtual reality, and videoconferencing, where lower latency is increasingly essential, Comcast will unveil new low latency features later this year that will enable an even better experience than customers have today.

Looking five to ten years into the future, Comcast expects its Xfinity 10G network will continue to pay off as the proliferation of internet-connected devices in our homes and cars will push the need for speed, both upload and download. Of course, only some of us will need something close to a super-fast 10G connection. People will move into the internet future at their own pace. When they do arrive, though, the Xfinity 10 network will be ready for them.