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Linfield Theater: Molière in Mac

“The Imaginary Invalid” promises laughter Community: Linfield University TheatreBy Kelly Romo, Contributing Writer A dazzling comedy that harmonizes with the rebellious spirit of the late-1960s, “The Imaginary Invalid” is a

Everything You Need From A Pumpkin Patch And More

Fall is upon us, and with that comes the iconic scent of pumpkin spice and the excitement of pumpkin patches. One pumpkin patch that is a must-visit is Heiser Farms, which has been a family tradition for twenty-eight years. The farm hosts an array of activities and events perfect for kids and families. Whether you’re seeking quality family time, an adrenaline-pumping adventure, or a relaxing day listening to music, Heiser Farms is the place to create unforgettable memories this fall season

Meet MacDougal, Assistance Dog Brings Ease And Comfort To Children

The impact of dogs like Mac on the children being assisted has been researched and measured with biofeedback. Results show just having him sitting or lying next to the children lowers their blood pressure, slows their heart rates and respiration, reduces anxiety and helps them remain regulated during their interviews or conversations with the professionals in court or at Juliette’s House.

Vehicle Repairs You Can Trust

You can trust J’s Mechanic Shop to perform excellent service and make only the repairs necessary to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Using the most up-to-date specialized tools and diagnostic software they can advise repairs based on the health of your vehicle.

Help Save the Beez

everything changed on Monday, June 5th, around 7:00 am, when their beloved food cart caught fire. Now Hunny Beez needs our help to rebuild so they can keep dishing out delicious barbecued Filipino fusion, always delivered professionally with a smile.

Overcome Your Pain, Breathe Easy, Live Better

Do You Suffer with Chronic Sinusitis?
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“After the eighth treatment, I was sleeping solidly for 8 straight hours for the first time in 8 years. And by the way, no more drugs!!” —Jon V.N.
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