Clark County

Discover a New Path to Wellness

In Tune Nutrition provides personalized nutrition programs using unique methods like Nutrition Response Testing® and nervous system scans. Get individualized solutions to optimize health and natural functioning, as well as food and nutrition coaching, whole food supplements, and accessible packages. Schedule an appointment with Melissa today.

Through the Lens

Meet Tyler Mode, an exceptionally talented professional photographer who has made a real difference in his community. Not only is he highly regarded for his stunning photography work, but he has also been recognized as the Citizen of the Year for his selfless contributions and commitment to making the world a better place. He is truly an inspiration to all who know him and his passion for his craft and his community is truly remarkable.

Grants Enrich Local Non-Profits

Camas-Washougal Community Chest and its partners announce $134k in grants. Services for children, families funded by Rotary volunteers. Includes emergency food assistance, safe temporary shelter, and water quality monitoring. Donations needed to meet goal. Learn how to contribute on the CWCC’s website.

Fresh Pizza Served With A Smile, Guaranteed

With Papa Murphy’s, the preeminent purveyor of Take ‘N’ Bake pizza, you can experience all of the benefits — fresh dough made from scratch every day, freshly cut vegetables, 100% mozzarella cheese shredded from blocks (not poured from a bag), consumed at will, piping hot and delicious — with none of the detriments!

Elevating Senior Care, One Plan at a Time: Your Insurance Gal

Behind the success story of Your Insurance Gal is the heart and soul of the operation, Stacey Johnson, a champion for senior care. Stacey’s own experiences as a caregiver to her elderly grandmother ignited a passion within her. Witnessing first-hand the challenges seniors face when navigating the complex healthcare system, she felt compelled to make a difference. She understood seniors needing more than just an insurance policy; they needed an advocate, a confidant and someone who genuinely cared.