Grants Enrich Local Non-Profits

Camas-Washougal Community Chest and its partners announce $134k in grants. Services for children, families funded by Rotary volunteers. Includes emergency food assistance, safe temporary shelter, and water quality monitoring. Donations needed to meet goal. Learn how to contribute on the CWCC’s website.

Building Better, Canby Looks Forward

Fundraising continues for a larger facility. With the community’s support, the nonprofit also plans to greatly expand and enhance its programs and services in Canby, strengthen partnerships with other local organizations and nonprofits serving those in need, and work to share its model with neighboring communities who have expressed interest in replicating it.

Driving Away Hunger

Car donations = 580 meals to neighbors in need.
Donate Your Car to Charity.
Help Drive Away Hunger.
Providing meals, shelter and vocational training for people seeking a path to new life.

The Canby Kids Are Alright:

Almost every story about success a Canby High School team or athlete has experienced at the state level is also a story about Canby Kids. Canby Kids Inc., is the local, independent nonprofit organization dedicated to providing youth recreational and competitive team sports opportunities for children in and around the Canby area on a year-round basis.

Enjoyment, Conservation, & Study

The Cheahmill Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon, which was founded in 1961, was launched in 1998 and has collaborated with local governments to transform and maintain public land full of trees, flowers, grasses, and other plants that are literally at home. “The term ‘native’ plant refers to plants that have adapted over time to local environmental and social influences, such as soil types, hydrology, micro-climate and human influences,” explains chapter member Michal Wert, who lives on Chehalem Mountain north of Newberg. “They produce flowers, fruits and seeds throughout the year and create a beautiful, natural look.”

Changing Lives One Meow at a Time

About four years ago, a family asked Brittney Hazel and her wife Kendall if they could help find a home for a stray litter of kittens that had been found in a barn. That was the beginning of Hazel’s House, a cat-and-kitten rescue operation that continues to this day. It is a mission that has put hundreds of stray and abandoned cats in homes where they’re safe, healthy and loved.