Still Oozingwith Color, Just in a Different Form

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Baker falls back in love with pottery

People: Meet the Artist; Maggie Pike
By Kelly Romo, Contributing Writer

The world is full of stories about people who start their journey on one path only to find themselves on another. When Maggie Pike sold her successful bakery, Maggie’s Buns, she thought she would be bored. But instead, she fell back in love with pottery, a craft she had dabbled in thirty-two years earlier. Now, she makes vibrant creations that are not only utilitarian but also beautiful works of art.

When asked what drew her to pottery, Maggie admits she used to be terrible at it, but had always enjoyed it. After selling her bakery, she longed for something creative to do, so she dug out her old potter’s wheel and gave it a spin. To Maggie’s surprise, she got it right on the first try, and that was all it took to reignite her passion.

The colors Maggie discovers on her travels inspire the forms and textures of her pottery. She sifts through photos from her latest trip, selects about ten colors, and starts creating. Her glazing process involves up to seventeen hand-painted layers, each adding depth and personality to her creations. Even Maggie doesn’t always know what the final product will look like, but the unexpected results are part of the fun.

The process of creation holds its own magic for Maggie. Unveiling a new design from her kiln, fondly named “Calvin,” is always thrilling. Nearly 30% of pottery is lost in the kiln due to various factors, so she feels an indescribable sense of accomplishment when a piece turns out exactly as she dreamed. Despite years of experience, she never quite knows how a piece will look after it’s glazed, so it’s nothing short of magical when her vision comes to life.

Maggie found an intimate connection between her love for food and creating practical and visually appealing creations. Her work is a tribute to the moments that often go unnoticed yet hold profound significance, like sipping hot coffee from a beautifully crafted mug or enjoying a home-cooked meal in a hand-thrown bowl. This is her way of spreading joy, and she finds inspiration in the thought that her creations might make someone’s day a little brighter. She hopes this cycle of inspiration — where the excitement of her audience fuels her creative energy — continues to thrive, enabling her to create art that brings smiles and warmth to people’s lives. If you eat off something every day, it might as well be a work of art!

Valley Arts Association has profoundly impacted Maggie’s artistic journey. The familiar faces and warm appreciation of the local community foster confidence and inspire her to experiment with her artistic style. Valley Art’s vibrant culture and lively environment have also provided ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. Moreover, Valley Art’s website serves as a hub for upcoming events, allowing her to stay connected to the local art scene, discover new inspiration, and showcase her creations.

Maggie’s journey to becoming a potter was unexpected, but it has led to some truly stunning work. Her use of color and hand glazing has made Maggie’s pieces into unique and beautiful works of art that people can enjoy. If you’re looking for something functional and artistic to add to your home, you can’t go wrong with one of Maggie’s creations.

To see more of Maggie’s work, check out her Facebook pages under ‘Maggie Pike’ or ‘Passport to Color.’ You can also see her creations at Valley Art at 2022 Main Street in Forest Grove, (503) 357-3703 or on their website at: