Nature’s Palette

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Exploring the PNW Through Art

Meet the Artist: Angela Hawes
By Dennis McNabb, Contributing Writer

Looking for beautiful, Northwest-inspired landscape art? Or perhaps a class on how to paint with acrylics? Look no further than local artist Angela Hawes!

Angela was born and raised right here in the scenic foothills of Colton, Oregon. Her parents encouraged her from a young age to pursue her interest in art by furnishing her with supplies and enlisting her in classes led by local community artists. She continued her education in college, exploring a variety of techniques and mediums, earning an Associate of Arts Degree.

“Life” intervened after that, as it does for so many of us post-graduation, and she focused her attention on a career in interior design while getting married and starting a family. Her love and passion for painting never died, however, and it was during a fortuitous “accident” in 2018 that she returned to her former love. Her children were all drawing and asked her to join. Without much thought, she did, and that simple request reignited the spark.

Since she was going through a divorce at the time, it was tricky to balance her time between self-care, childcare, career, and painting, but she made it work. That initial and very tentative sketch turned into a stint with chalk and pastels, then watercolors, and finally acrylics and oil paintings on canvas. Painting has become a regular part of her life again, as well as a kind of therapy, where Angela has been free to work out her inner struggles while expressing herself in a way she hasn’t been able to in years. It’s been incredibly rewarding and, ultimately, a cathartic experience. When viewing her paintings, you are seeing a piece of the artist in transition.

The result, of course, is a body of work that is both beautiful in its presentation and reflective of Angela’s state of mind. The best art always mirrors the artist’s soul, and because the Pacific Northwest is home, because it’s her source of comfort and peace and her sanctuary, her paintings exude a kind of cozy warmth. There is darkness and mystery in the corners, there is mist hovering in the blackened trees, but that is Angela’s humanity shining through.

If you are interested in purchasing one of her gorgeous paintings, you can find her on Etsy under the moniker: ArtandSoulbyAngela. She can also be hired to do pieces on commission and she has worked on murals. She also painted the front cover of our very own Discover Canby publication the last two years in a row. Follow her journey or contact her on Instagram: @artandsoulbyangela, or you can sign up for one of her fantastic classes at Art-O-Maddic in Canby. She will also have a booth at the upcoming Through the Looking Glass Arts Festival in Canby on July 22. Don’t miss it!