You’ll Be On The Edge Of Your Seat As The Plot Thickens

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People: Author, DJ Schneider
By Kelly Romo, Contributing Writer

DJ Schneider is a writer who embraces the challenge of pushing beyond all expectations when it comes to storytelling. He is an award-winning author whose young adult stories and characters are unforgettable. He has been recognized for his talent and hard work and has won the Five-Star Readers’ Favorite Award.

Author of Sci-Fi thrillers

DJ Schneider’s writing career took off after he finished the first draft of “The Roswell Quest” and decided to get serious. He went to the Log Cabin Literary Center and joined a writing group that helped him hone his skills. He became an active member of the Magnificent Seven writing group, where he stayed for almost five years. Most of the writers there had been writing for a long time and were very serious about their craft. Writers such as Frank Costin and Kelly Jones were among the group.

For beginning writers, DJ emphasizes the importance of reading, studying the writing style you love and seeing what the author of that book does. He stresses that aspiring writers should write what they like and not try to write for the market, because what is popular will have changed by the time they finish. For DJ Schneider, it is all about writing outside the “quadrilateral parallelogram” (a box to the rest of us), for that is where he shines as a writer.

The Melanie Simpson Mystery series is a treasure trove of historical events and scenic locations set in Lake Oswego, Portland and Seattle in 1966 and 1967. This series follows the story of a young girl who becomes embroiled in the mystery surrounding UFOs and the cover-up by government agencies. Schneider’s research was extensive. He also drew upon old newsletters produced by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and delved deep into the Roswell incident.

Recurrent themes in the series include government conspiracies, military cover-ups and the UFO phenomenon. Schneider skillfully blends factual events with his fiction, producing a unique historical tale that appeals to readers of all ages. The author’s passion for this subject matter is evident in the wealth of detail and authenticity, bringing together a rich narrative that is entertaining and thought-provoking.

SciFi Novels

DJ Schneider had initially planned to write from the perspective of Frankie, the protagonist of his first novel. However, fate had other ideas. One day, he was writing a scene where a car pulled up at the house next to Frankie’s. A beautiful girl named Melanie Simpson stepped out of the passenger seat and took over the novel. Schneider found himself immersed in this character, and she eventually became the series’ protagonist. Schneider states that the feisty heroine, Melanie, almost wrote the book for him.

If you are a young adult mystery fan, you will undoubtedly appreciate DJ Schneider’s Melanie Simpson Mystery series. Melanie Simpson is a spunky and intelligent heroine unlike any other in the genre. Schneider’s writing is engaging, informative and entertaining, making this series an ideal read for young adults and adults alike. The incorporation of real-life events and locations makes this series historically accurate and an educational tool that will pique readers’ interest in UFO mysteries and cover-up operations.

For more information about the series and where to purchase a book, please visit DJ’s website at Happy reading!