Step into the Colorful Wonderland of a Joyful Mural Artist

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Meet the Artist: Aimee Claire
By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer

Mural artist and live event painter Aimee Joy Claire is creating a brand that’s all-inclusive and fully represents her unique talents. Painting throughout the Greater Portland Area, Aimee travels between Portland, Salem, Vancouver and pretty much anywhere else within a two-hour radius, to “jazz up blank spaces” with her custom murals or capture special moments at weddings and intimate events.

“I’ve always been very artsy since I was little,” says mural artist Aimee, who began acrylic painting at age twelve when her mom suggested she paint a wall in their home. Aimee adorned the wall with flowers “and the rest is history,” she declares. By the time she was sixteen, Aimee had painted friends’ houses and had landed a paid project for painting a large rose arbor in the bedroom of a little girl that the family knew. Though self-taught, she takes an occasional class “here and there,” she says, which includes the random course at OSA (Oregon Society of Artists).

Mural Artist Aimee Claire

Having focused on canvas painting, Aimee relates, “I recently fell back in love with murals. It’s been a while, but I opened up some mural bookings for residential and commercial projects. That’s my favorite thing to do.” Live event paintings were added about two years ago with an emphasis on weddings. “I found out about live wedding painting and I fell in love with that as well,” she says. To be at a wedding with all the emotion, capturing a moment on canvas with the bride and groom, is a very special experience for her. Guests are likewise astounded as they witness the rendering and are frequently invited to add a brush stroke of their own. In addition to wedding paintings, Aimee has done live paintings for small intimate concerts. “I’m very grateful to do what I love,” she says.

Seasonal window paintings, animals and abstract mural designs are also included in Aimee Claire’s repertoire, gracing local grocery stores, professional offices, coffee shops and tea houses in the area. Larger companies are among Aimee’s clients as well: they recognize the value and exposure a logo or mural of any kind can have on brand recognition.

Aimee Claire Logo

A woman-owned business and one-person enterprise, Mural artist, Aimee will occasionally get help from her partner, particularly with late-night projection projects. As a Chamber of Commerce member, Aimee maintains close ties to the community and is interested in donating a mural to a cause that touches her heart.

Contact Aimee Claire by phone (503) 332-5907 or email Visit her on the web at Alternatively, search for her on social media as Aimee Joy Art.