St. Helens’ Hidden Gem: Authentic Thai with a Modern Twist

Rare is the restaurant which takes you on a true culinary excursion to a foreign land; serving perfectly-balanced, authentic, centuries-old family recipes with contemporary sensibilities. Even rarer still is the restaurant which offers such delights within the context of a smaller suburban Columbia River town like St. Helens. That is why we are so fortunate to have a hidden gem like Lotus of Bangkok existing right here in our own backyards.

64 Years Down & Many More To Come!

There is really no reason to shop anywhere else. The best products, sold at the most competitive prices, with the best service around. And the cheapest delivery rates, not to mention full-service set-up and removal of the furniture piece being replaced. Come down to Richardson’s today and become an extended member of the family! And in October, wish them a happy 64th anniversary!

Clackamas County Plans Unveiled: Building for the Future

In terms of events, the building will offer the fairgrounds a large and versatile space for trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and other entertainment, flea markets and more. And it will be available year-round, Brian explains. During the summer, a popular time for large concert festivals like Harefest, the new building will provide an air-conditioned space to stage reception areas. And during the rest of the year and its unpredictable weather, the fairgrounds will be an attractive option for local organizations to stage large events. “That’s one of the most exciting things about this project for me: This building gives us the ability to serve the community all year round in a variety of ways,” Brian says.

Vehicle Repairs You Can Trust

You can trust J’s Mechanic Shop to perform excellent service and make only the repairs necessary to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Using the most up-to-date specialized tools and diagnostic software they can advise repairs based on the health of your vehicle.

Enjoyment, Conservation, & Study

The Cheahmill Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon, which was founded in 1961, was launched in 1998 and has collaborated with local governments to transform and maintain public land full of trees, flowers, grasses, and other plants that are literally at home. “The term ‘native’ plant refers to plants that have adapted over time to local environmental and social influences, such as soil types, hydrology, micro-climate and human influences,” explains chapter member Michal Wert, who lives on Chehalem Mountain north of Newberg. “They produce flowers, fruits and seeds throughout the year and create a beautiful, natural look.”