Buy, Sell, Trade, Check Out The Lancaster Location. You’ll be glad you did!

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New Store Opens In Lancaster

Business Feature: Elite Buyers NW
By Olive Gallagher, Contributing Writer | Photos by Laurel Bice
The Elite Buyers NW New Location

Building a new business and establishing it successfully within a community is a major accomplishment for any entrepreneur. But once that’s accomplished, how many individuals have the determination, courage, and talent to do it all over again?

Well, Bryan Fitzgerald, Founder of Elite Buyers, has done just that with the establishment of his second location: Elite Buyers NW – Lancaster, across the bridge from the original successful store in West Salem. As Bryan puts it,”It’s a whole different world, just over the bridge.”

The new store, located at 446 Lancaster Drive, Suite B, is right next to Car Toys and has just celebrated its first anniversary. With a broad smile, Bryan expressed a little caution to everyone to not be confused by the vape store just down the road. Just look for the new sign going up that boldly states, “Buy Sell Trade Pawn Shop.

Upon entering, you’ll find, just as you have in the store in West Salem, a well-lit interior with good music playing in the background, a fun atmosphere with a good vibe, and a team of polite, helpful folks dedicated to providing quality service on a “first name” basis. Handling the smooth operation of both locations, Bryan magically manages somehow to be present in both stores at the same time, ready to make a good deal and buy, sell or trade pretty much anything from rare Pokemon cards to DVDs, jewelry, silverware or firearms. He also has on hand at any given moment brand new things that come to him from a variety of above-board sources. He gets continuous calls asking for items and never knows what’s going to walk through the door – a part of the business he loves.

The staff at Elite Buyers NW

When asked if there’s any difference in the mix available for sale in the Lancaster location from West Salem, he noted that “while the store offers the same excellent mix of firearms, the Lancaster location has a lot more LEGO®, collectibles and tools!”

He emphasized that he trades in things that “are what folks want, not what they need,” and currently finds that only a very small percentage of his customer base are desperate folk, including those who want to sell the literal shirt off their back or are on drugs.

Lancaster policies are identical to those of the West Salem store with regard to buying and selling firearms; those policies are based upon a family value system that guides him today, He works closely with the Salem Police and every item carries a serial number. Bryan also works with a software platform that tracks every transaction. Each sale or purchase requires proper identification, and every night reports go to the police department with details of each purchase or sale. Every purchase also has a two-week waiting period while the item is cross-checked with law enforcement.

Call Today! (503) 339-7594 – Edgewater | (503) 689-1755 – Lancaster. Find them online at Or stop buy, 1125 Edgewater St NW Salem, OR 97304 and 466 Lancaster Dr. NE B Salem, OR 9730.1 Hours are Monday through Friday 10am-6pm.