Taking Service to New Heights

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Written by Olive Gallagher, Contributing Writer | Photos by Lisa Kuhlman

When it comes to a seemingly simple product like a garage door, most of us don’t give it much thought until something goes wrong. When you’re unable to open the garage door and drive off to where you need to go; when you’ve returned home with a load of groceries in the car to a garage door that won’t open; or needing to escape the rain or snow. Suddenly you realize how essential and reassuring it is to have a company to call upon for assistance, even after hours, to get things running smoothly again and get you back on track.

Ponderosa Garage Doors, servicing the Portland Metro area and all of Columbia County, is just the company for whenever help is needed—whether with a full installation, replacement, or repair of anything from your garage door opener to the entire system.

Ponderosa Garage Doors, a value-based, elite home-industry service company, will not only supply, replace, or repair all of your garage door needs, but they will do it with a staff of prompt, professional, and courteous office staff and technicians who know their products backwards and forwards.

Ken Fielding founded Ponderosa Garage Door in 1995 when he moved his young family from Utah to the Pacific Northwest. Today, he operates the business he has built with his wife, Kris, and two of his five children, Teal and Brock, and other key team members. While Teal handles the technical aspects of installation and services in the field, Brock spends his time alongside Ken and Kris inside the offices managing the “mechanics of running a business,” and functioning as the Financial and Marketing Manager.

The Fielding family has striven over the years to build a good name, and goodwill and integrity are the core values that infuse every business decision they make. For them, creating long-standing relationships with their customers—many of whom live anywhere from Longview to Wilsonville and Hillsboro to Deer Island—is at the heart of every decision that they make and everything they do. They instill these philosophies into their team members through weekly team trainings and meetings.

As Brock stated, “My dad did the hard part before my brother and I came aboard in 2020. Today, in 2022, I like to think of us as a 27 year-old start-up! We never take for granted the clients that we currently have or the ones who will join us tomorrow.”

To contact Ponderosa Garage Doors or for more information on their products and services, please visit their website, ponderosagaragedoors.com or give them a call.