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Business Feature: Mighty Clean

Just ask Josh Vorderstrasse, owner and operator of Mighty Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service in Yamhill County. He knows this business better than most, which he can attribute to the early start he got back in the seventh grade. His father started the business down in Salem in 1995, and Josh would go to work for his dad during his winter and summer breaks from school. Initially it was just that; a part-time, “helping out Dad” type of venture. Eventually though, Josh came to realize he sincerely enjoyed the work and once he was old enough, decided to branch out independently. He bought himself a van and the requisite equipment and started his own branch of the business servicing the Newberg and McMinnville area.

“What really appealed to me,” Josh says, “was the flexibility in the work and the hours, as well as the personal relationships I’m able to build with my customers.” Josh is a family man with two beautiful young kids of his own now, and he loves running a business that allows him to make a living while still balancing time with his family. In addition, each day is a new adventure bringing fresh challenges and variety to his work. Especially with living in the Northwest, where we can have such inclement weather, researching and discovering new ways to get all manner of dirt, sap and ground-in plant particles out of your carpets can be quite a challenge to overcome.

Perhaps Josh’s most impressive quality, beyond his diligence and commitment to quality service, is his charming and friendly demeanor. “One of the most important aspects of this business is customer service,” he said. “I’m going into peoples’ homes. I can clean their carpets better than anyone in town but if I’m not personable — if I’m not giving them the best customer service they’ve ever had, I don’t get called back”. Josh’s friendly persona is not simply an act he puts on for the job, however. He genuinely is a really nice guy, and his main concern is doing the best job possible to clean your carpets and making you feel comfortable having him in your home on top of it.

What sets Josh apart from other carpet cleaners, you may be asking? Well, besides the fact that he’s going to be your new best friend, Josh has set up his business in such a way as to virtually guarantee your satisfaction. First of all, he has taken all the guess-work out of his pricing. He has a very straightforward and simple cost structure with NO HIDDEN FEES! You know exactly what you will be paying before he even arrives at your house, and his prices are both affordable and competitive.

Secondly, Josh is the owner and sole operator of Mighty Clean. There are no other employees working for him. He’s THE guy; the one you will speak to on the phone, and the one you will meet in person when he comes to your house, each and every time. He’s also the guy who takes pride in his business and does a superior job without any of the petty shortcuts you might get from some of his competitors. Even if you have a particularly difficult stain or spot, he will do his absolute best to get it clean without nickel-and-diming you for extra chemicals needed for the job.

Josh doesn’t limit himself to just cleaning carpets, by the way. He’s also a pro when it comes to freshening up your upholstery, including couches, loveseats and recliners. As always, these services come at easy and affordable fixed prices. He can do pet treatments, deodorizers, stain guards, deep soil extractions and emergency water extractions. Josh can even venture outside to clean the fabrics in your vehicle, boat or RV! Made a huge sticky mess last time you went through the drive-through? Let Josh come and take care of it for you. He’ll return it to its former glory, or even better.

On the commercial side, Josh can spruce up that dingy old office carpet for you in a jiffy. No office is too big or too small; the pricing structure is just based on square footage in this case (which is 20 cents per square foot). He can also take on any multi-family dwelling such as a condo or apartment complex and has separate specials for those as well.

The bottom line is this: without a doubt, Josh is going to earn your repeated business. He’s going to show up on time, he’s going to win you over with his friendly personality, and he’s going to deliver the best cleaning your carpets and upholstery have ever had. Don’t wait through another season with dingy, dirty carpets.

Call him up at 503-956-6148 to schedule your service today! Visit Migty Clean online at: