Amazing Beauty Tips: Traditional Facial vs. Hydrafacial

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Beauty tips from Divine Complexions

Christine Lewy, Divine Complexions Spa Owner
Licensed Esthetician | Award-Winning | West Coast Glo Skin Beauty Makeup Artist | NW YUMI | Lashes Educator

First off, what is your goal for getting your facial? Have you had a facial before? Before I continue, I should say not all facials are created equal. Also, not all estheticians are trained the same. So if you’ve had a facial in the past and didn’t enjoy it or had a bad reaction to it, please know you can have an amazing experience and come out a believer.

What is a facial? Simply put, it is maintenance for your complexion. If you want a tighter body, you workout. If you want better, glowing skin, you get a facial.

Traditional Facial

A traditional facial is typically a 60- to 90-minute appointment — we call it our Divine Valmont Facial. First, you get cozy in a facial bed. Your esthetician — a licensed skincare professional whose passion is probably just this — will ask you questions about what skin concerns you have. You might say things like “fine lines, dark spots, blackheads, dryness, breakouts…” All these concerns can be addressed during a facial. Ususally there are many options for the type of facial, so calling ahead is a good idea or discuss with your esthetician once you get there. During this hour-long facial, it is typically very relaxing. I like to say it’s like a massage but with good skin. My clients often fall asleep — it always feels like we get a gold star when this happens. Clients leave relaxed, rejuvenated and glowing.


Hydrafacial is a shorter appointment, between 30 to 60 minutes. While some say it is relaxing, this treatment is more to the point and does not include any massage of neck, shoulder and arms. This facial treatment has a patented vortex technology that infuses while also painlessly pulling everything out of your pores and putting it into the gunk jar — you can see everything that came out of your skin, including all those stubborn blackheads. You leave glowing, instantly hydrated and smooth. These are also great for teens! Some people alternate between hydrafacial and a traditional version.

How Often Should I Get a Facial?

The answer is once a month. We can tell a difference in clients’ complexions who get facials regularly vs. those who do not. It takes on average 30 days for the new skin cells to come to the surface, and if you are getting a facial once a month, you will have your best skin. I guarantee it.

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