Want a Lift? Discover if a Lash Lift is Right For You

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Christine Lewy
Divine Complexions Spa Owner | Licensed Esthetician |Award-Winning West Coast Glo Skin Beauty Makeup Artist | NW YUMI Lashes Educator

Lash lifts have been getting more and more mainstream as spas add the service to their menus. What is it? Lash lifting is the process of getting your own natural lashes curled up like you would with a lash curler, but instead using a solution that keeps them curled for up to 12 weeks!

The great thing about a lash lift, well, it’s your own lashes. So you can rub and wash your eyes, and even wear mascara if you’d like. Some lash lifts even strengthen lashes and include a black tint, so you end up with stronger curled black lashes for up to a couple months. Sound like heaven yet? Not all lash lifts are created equal so best to do some research before getting one done.

My pick is the YUMI lash lift, pronounced “you me.” This lift is different than the rest because of the quality of the ingredients used. The formula for the YUMI lash lift originates from Paris, France, where standards are stricter for ingredients. This curling solution does not contain formaldehyde or ammonia like some of the other lash products on the market in the U.S. This is important when we are talking about getting really close to the eye area. The lash lift also has a strengthening keratin step to strengthen and nourish lashes, and also includes a black lash tint.

How long will your lash lift last?

Well, that depends on your natural lash length. The lash lift curl will last as long as your natural lash cycle. Shorter lashes have about a four- to six-week lash cycle and longer lashes have about an eight- to 10-week cycle. To keep your lash lift lasting the longest possible, use an eyelash growth serum like Revitalash or Latisse, which artificially extends your lash cycle length, which in turn extends the length of your lift.

Who shouldn’t get a lash lift?

If you have very short natural lashes, a lift will not give you the best results. Also, people with naturally very curly hair may not like the results from getting a lash lift. Unless your practitioner is very experienced, these curly-haired clients can end up with lashes that are too curled.

How long does an appointment take?

Typically, a lash lift appointment is an hour. Price of the service really ranges from the product used and experience of the practitioner. Lash lifts usually range from $65 to $175.

Precautions before getting the service

If you wear contacts, you’ll be asked to take them out during the service, but you’ll be able to put them back in once it’s complete. You’ll also be asked to not get your lashes wet for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the product used. This ensures your lash lift is secure and will give you curled lashes for as long as possible.

If curled and strengthened dark lashes have been on your beauty wish list, a lash lift might be the treatment for you!

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