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We Sell Trust

By Olive Gallagher, Contributing Writer | Photos by Carly Carpenter

The owner of Mr Transmission stands in front of his building

Don’t let the name Mr. Transmission fool you. Bob Bauer, the owner of Mr. Transmission, does a lot more than transmissions. Bob, along with some of the best technicians in the Portland area, does it all, from bumper to bumper (except for tires). “We do things that are hard, like build engines and transmissions, as well as handle and tame rough diagnostics. We also take care of the everyday stuff that’s essential, too, like oil changes, brakes, and tune-ups.” His team is so skilled, in fact, that one of the largest used-car dealerships in the country brings him their work, knowing if anyone can sort out what is needed, it’s Mr. Milex-Transmission.

We’ve all been there, when a sudden noise, rattle or whirring sound captures our attention and we have no idea where it’s coming from or what it could be; we just want it to stop! Bob’s the guy you want on that challenge. From his earliest years, he was fascinated with what was “under the hood.” While his dad, a pilot, appreciated how things worked, Bob says it was his mom with her uncanny aptitude for mechanical things who inspired him.

Born in Denver, Colorado into a close, small family, Bob spent his boyhood summers on a ranch in Elkton, Oregon and fell in love with the area. After earning a degree from Northrop University in electrical engineering, he went to work for Hewlett Packard, then an instrument company. Bob went into sales selling the tools to labs that tested new products. By 2010, he had become VP of Sales, taking sales groups and “transforming” them to increase performance.

Following his corporate experience and several mergers, Bob decided to start his own business, something he had always wanted to do. That led him to Wilsonville where he continued to be fascinated with cars. He found it brought him enormous satisfaction when he could diagnose a vehicle and help someone truly in need, ethically and cost-effectively, looking at it sometimes as a ministry. In fact, his tagline on his business card is “We Sell Trust.”

When the opportunity came along to become a franchisee of Milex-Mr. Transmission, a company founded by the Moran family in Chicago in the 1950s, Bob took it and began to build the business along with his wife, Cammy, who handles the accounting.

The fascinating “romance” that folks have had with cars from the beginning continues today, and Bob is there to make certain your vehicles are running great and that you’re always treated like family.

So next time a problem arises and no one else seems to know what it is, what to do or how to fix it, call 971-224-4368, email Bob at, or go to to make an appointment or for more information.