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Patio Solutions For Year-Round Outdoor Living

House & Home: Patio Cover People
By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer

The owners of Patio Cover People who bring outdoor living joyfully smile

Patio Cover People, a Wilsonville company operated by owners Tom Moore and Chris McReynolds, love to serve the community and provide year round outdoor living solutions.

Tom and Chris are local through and through. Best friends since before they started kindergarten, they grew up in Tualatin and lived just a couple miles away from each other. Their entrepreneurial adventures began early with a lawn mowing business in junior high, followed by a house painting business in high school. They went to different colleges, but after graduation they each got married and ended up moving back to Wilsonville and lived right across the street from each other! Tom spent the first half of his professional career as a software engineer while Chris went into operations and business management. In 2012, they worked together and connected again, this time as senior executives of a health technology company in Clackamas. Then, in September 2021, they traded the digital health space for outdoor living and bought Patio Cover People – the largest and longest serving patio cover company in the Pacific Northwest. Since taking over, they’ve instilled a customer-first mindset into the business with the goal of creating a service-based business that stands apart from the typical contractor in the industry. It may sound trite, but if you call, they will answer the phone. If you email, it will get answered. If you have them out, they will actually give you a written estimate right on the spot. They tout their “ridiculous responsiveness” as a huge differentiator in the construction world.

A secind story balcony outdoor living covered patio

So what is Patio Cover People all about? Patio Cover People installs high-quality daylight patio covers with optional railings and shades. If you need a deck or want to enclose the patio cover into a full room, they can do that as well. One advantage Patio Cover People offers is the acrylic material used for their patio covers, which allows more daylight to penetrate under the patio cover as well as into your home. This can be especially nice in the Northwest with its numerous overcast days. And for those sunny summer days, these acrylic covers reflect about 3/4 of the heat away, which in turn creates a more comfortable environment year-round. There are two styles of patio covers to choose from, shed and gable. The shed-style is a simple design that slopes downward off the house in a lean-to fashion, whereas the gable-style with its upward peak provides greater visibility for a property with a view. The gable-style, particularly when coupled with an enclosure, offers an appealing aesthetic that certain clients prefer.

Patio Cover People aims to give people a better outdoor living experience. Common situations clients seek to resolve are environments that are too wet, too hot, too small, too muddy from pets tracking into the house, or they’re simply ready to upgrade their patio area. Patio Cover People takes great pride in their work and expertise. As owner Tom puts it, “We solve problems and make it better.”

Floor level outdoor living covered patio

The company’s brand is fun and laid back – like an evening on the patio with family and friends – but this team is very serious about what they do. And they do it well. In fact, they have a long list of past clients who became “patio cover people” and have volunteered to be contacted by prospective customers who are considering a daylight patio cover. (Many of them will even invite people over to check it out for themselves!) And that speaks to the high level of trust and satisfaction that Tom and Chris have built with their customers.

Patio Cover People services the Greater Portland Metro Area and beyond — stretching north to Longview, Washington and southward to Eugene and Springfield. Their clients give them rave reviews for their products, installation and service. So give them a call and you and your family can become patio cover people!

The Patio Cover People Outdoor Living Logo

Patio Cover People is located at 10965 SW Commerce Circle in Wilsonville. Visit their website at or call them at (503) 744-6394.