You Can Feel Secure When Dental Care Meets Compassion!

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Dental Care from the heart!

Health and Medical: Smile Oswego Dental
By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer | Photos by Carly Carpenter

A dentist attending to a patient

In a charming corner of Lake Oswego, patients are greeted with genuine smiles at Smile Oswego Dental. Dr. Marcus Uchida, a passionate dental professional, is thrilled to be a part of the “Smile” team and has become an integral member of the Lake Oswego community. A mere 3.5 years ago, he embarked on a journey that would soon flourish, partnering with Dr. Fadi Ibsies, the visionary founder of Smile Linn Dental in West Linn. Together, they realized their dream by establishing a cutting-edge private practice, Smile Oswego Dental, nestled within the Mary’s Woods assisted living facility.

Dentistry is more than just a career for Dr. Uchida; it’s a way of life. With a father who practiced dentistry and a wife who follows the same profession, it’s no exaggeration to say that dentistry runs in his veins. There are even whispers that his dog has been spotted curiously inspecting the dental hygiene of neighboring canines – a light-hearted anecdote that highlights the extent of his immersion in the world of dental care.

The smile Oswego Detnal Team

But beyond the humor lies a deeper truth. When it comes to your dentist, immersion and dedication are qualities that cannot be overlooked. After all, visiting the dentist is a vital component of maintaining one’s health. It’s imperative to have a dental professional who is not only proficient but also deeply committed to staying at the forefront of the latest advancements in the field. In Dr. Uchida and Dr. Ibsies, you’ll find precisely that caliber of dentists.

These two dental experts, along with their dedicated team, work tirelessly to provide patients with the most advanced and comprehensive care possible. It’s a commitment that extends beyond the dental chair. Their goal is to ensure that your experience with them is as comfortable and pleasant as can be.

When Dr. Uchida joined forces with Dr. Ibsies, he inherited not just a partnership but a legacy to uphold and expand upon. Dentistry, for them, is a family affair, and speaking of family, Dr. Uchida and his wife Dee recently celebrated the arrival of their beautiful daughter, Zara.

Dental Doctors Dr. Uchida and Dr. Ibsies

Being a patient at Smile Oswego Dental goes beyond routine check-ups. It’s about building a long-term relationship with a team of professionals who genuinely want to get to know you and your dental history. Your visit feels more akin to catching up with a friend than a typical doctor’s appointment.

At Smile Oswego Dental, the commitment to patient care is evident in every smile and every treatment. Dr. Uchida and Dr. Ibsies are not just dentists; they are partners in your journey to a healthy and happy smile.

Smile Oswego Dental is located at 17510 Provost St, Unit 205.
Call the office at 503-765-5555 or visit for more information. Smile Linn Dental is located at 18750 Willamette Drive in West Linn. Call the office at 503-607-2222 or visit for more information.