Expert Health Insurance Guidance: Kris Sallee, Licensed Agent

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Rolling into Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Business Service: Health Market Insurance
By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer | Photos by Andrew Sambuceto

Kris Sallee Health INsurance

Let’s get you covered!” says Kris Sallee, Licensed Agent and Sales Leader with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. Whether you’re looking for individual, Medicare, small business, life or supplemental plans, Kris will take a comprehensive approach to your health coverage needs — at no cost to you. “I’m not just an enroller,” Kris says, “but an advisor to help consumers through transitions in life that affect their health coverage.”

Over the last year, Kris has witnessed the growing need for qualified health insurance agents across the states. “There’s such a great need out there,” she says. Taking up the mantle, she is busy building her own team of highly qualified, licensed agents who will be assisting with under-65 health plans, as well as Medicare, life insurance and more. Kris is licensed to recruit anywhere in the U.S., but initially, she and her team will be working throughout Oregon and Washington. Clients will be able to participate in virtual meetings through Zoom or attend face-to-face meetings within the regional area.

Heading into fall’s open enrollment, Kris and her team of HealthMarkets agents promise to “show you plans that fit your needs and your budget.” Their clients receive full explanations of the health coverage as well as how the policy works. Kris recognizes how many consumers feel they can handle their own enrollment, but they often become overwhelmed by the process. Your HealthMarkets agents will complete the enrollment process for you and are available throughout the year for any questions or needs that may arise.

“I’m not just an enroller but an advisor to help consumers through transitions
in life that affect their health coverage.”

Kris Sallee, HealthMarkets

For verification on open enrollment dates, please call 503-263-8200 or email

Moreover, in today’s post-Covid climate, some are expressing concerns about their status or possibly losing Oregon Health Plan altogether due to redetermination of income. If you’re not sure where to turn, as a certified Oregon Health Plan enroller, Kris is here to assist you. Schedule time to review your options and make an informed decision for your 2024 coverage. Call ahead or visit — click on the service you need.

Kris grew up in Aurora, and though originally from California, she thinks of herself as an Oregonian — she even worked at Columbia Helicopters for a time. Over the years, she’s maintained a connection with California, where she first worked in the health field. In 2011, Kris returned to Oregon to care for her mother and was hit with some of the many challenges faced by caregivers, particularly how health insurance can affect access to care. With her background in health and recent caregiving experience, Kris decided to become a licensed agent with HealthMarkets Insurance, a national company and one of the largest providers of health insurance in the country.

Kris is active in the local community and contributes both professionally and personally. She is a member of the HealthMarkets Chairman’s Club, achieving gold level for 2023, which recognizes premier agents who demonstrate a commitment to building their client base while providing a level of service that helps ensure a high degree of client satisfaction for years to come. She is a member of Canby Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Aurora Pythian Lodge, Hope Village Foundation Board, president and founding member of the nonprofit Aurora Emergency Preparedness and is with the BNI networking group of Oregon City.

If you are thinking about a career as a HealthMarkets Insurance Agent, you can email Kris directly. She is available to anyone interested in exploring this opportunity.

Kris Sallee/HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is located at 1433 S.E. First Avenue, Suite103 in Canby. Call the office at 503-263-8200 or email For additional information visit or Kris Sallee is licensed in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas.