Unconditional Commitment To Support Our Community

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Celebrating 28 years in business, locally-owned and -operated Mattress World Northwest (MWNW) carries the largest selection that will fit your needs best, and the only store with the 4 major sleeping technologies: GelFlex Grid, TEMPUR® foam, Air, and Natural Latex. They carry major brands like: Tempur-Pedic®, Purple™, The Number Bed by Instant Comfort®, and Posh+Lavish™ Natural Latex. They’re all in-store, side-by-side, for your convenience! And they guarantee the lowest price and have a 90-night comfort guarantee, so you can take home a better night’s sleep with confidence. Their employees love working here and will always greet you with a smile, listen to your needs and concerns, and give you a great buying experience. On average, team members have worked here for 5+ years, and their management team 10+ years, so you know they are committed to this company and making their customers happy.

MWNW Rests On Its Core Values

At the heart of their business, lie three core values. First, is their sincere dedication to helping every customer get a better night’s sleep. They have the largest selection of name brand mattresses and specialty mattresses in the Northwest, from handmade to 100% natural latex, as well as adjustable frames. They carry every type of mattress for every type of sleeper!

Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Second, MWNW believes in empowering employees to live their best possible lives. Happy employees means happy customers, so you can trust you’ll be greeted with a smile and an attentive ear. Mattress purchases are done only a handful of times in our lives. That experience, good or bad, leaves a lasting im­pres­sion. At MWNW, they have perfected the process to ensure that you get the best possible service and overall experience every time.

A Foundation of Philanthropy

Third, and perhaps most impor­tantly, is their dedi­cation to philanthropic work. Each and every month, MWNW supports local charities and schools in a variety of ways. To date, they have donated over $500,000 to local high schools and other charities! Giving back to the community is an integral part of what defines this organization.

Dedicated Charitable Support

In August, all locations will be accepting donations to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in support of their work to provide the means to find the cure for CF and ensure that those living with the disease can live long and productive lives. MWNW is gladly donating to this benevolent cause while also raising awareness by offering to take donations on the organization’s behalf. Please help raise funds by donating online or visiting one of their local stores.

Family-owned and -operated, dedicated to providing customers with the best products at the lowest prices, and donating to and participating in their local communities – Mattress World Northwest exemplifies the very best of retail. Get a better night’s sleep and help support your community by visiting your local Mattress World Northwest location for more information, or you can order online at mattressworldnorthwest.com.