You Will Love Your New Kitchen From Cabinet Solutions

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Business Feature: Cabinet Cures
Written by Dennis McNabb, Staff Writer | Photos by Carly Carpenter

The Crew Of Cabinet Cures With Kitchen Cabinet Samples

Cabinet Cures is your answer to a beautiful kitchen remodel!

For most of us, our kitchens are an integral part of our living space. No longer simply functional, they act as a central hub, a social gathering area for family and friends alike. To some extent, they are a visual representation of our personal aesthetic, and as such they have the strongest capacity to become outdated in appearance. Unfortunately, kitchens are simultaneously one of the most cost-prohibitive rooms to remodel. For a fraction of that cost, however, you can reface and refinish your cabinetry, and transform what was once an ordinary or outdated kitchen (or bathroom) into a fresh and luxurious custom showpiece using Cabinet Cures.

Husband-and-wife team Kelly and Kelly Koch (pronounced Cook) founded the business out of their garage in 1985. Through hard work and tireless dedication to the highest standards of excellence in both customer service and craft, Cabinet Cures has grown to become quite simply the best in the industry. By using their own state-of-the-art process, they are able to perform unbelievably beautiful kitchen and bathroom “makeovers” without the higher costs and inconveniences associated with complete remodels — although, as an option, they do fabricate new custom cabinets as well. In fact, regarding options, they offer more design, modification, and color choices than any of the competition, and they’re the only ones who offer a guaranteed start date on every job!

While for a time they were focused on expansion and franchise locations could be found across the country, the Kochs have since decided to reign things in and centralize their efforts on their Sherwood headquarters. Their main 20,000-square-foot production facility has actually been located in Sherwood since 2008, but it was just in July of 2021 that they opened their gorgeous brand new showroom. And what a sight it is to behold! This is not a retail space, this is a design space, established specifically for you, the customer, so that you can see first-hand exactly what Cabinet Cures can do for you.

This is truly a family business! It is locally owned and operated by the Koch family: Kelly and Kelly; their son, Charlie (Head of Production); their daughter Jamie (Design Manager); and Charlie’s wife, Julia (Lead Designer). Their other 23 employees are equally “part of the family,” as are their Sherwood neighbors. This is their home, and they are honored to service the western Portland metro area. Everything is manufactured in-house to your specifications. There is no cookie-cutter piecemeal work done here, and every job is completed one at a time to ensure you get their full attention and support throughout the process.

If you are considering updating your kitchen or bathroom, call Cabinet Cures: 503-832-6461 (for a free in-home design consultation). You can also check out or visit their corporate office and showroom at 16008 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd. in Sherwood.