Aesthetic Medicine

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By Dennis McNabb, Active Media Contributing Writer
Photos by Kim Elliott

It’s unfortunate that for many of us, the only exposure we knowingly get to aesthetic medicine comes from seeing the botched plastic surgeries of Hollywood celebrities splashed all over the tabloids. Unsettling pictures of Michael Jackson, Kenny Rogers, Joan Rivers, and so many more are hard to erase from our minds, but even though these are obviously extreme examples, they are largely responsible for the opinions many of us have formed regarding the industry as a whole. Nevermind that there are literally millions of procedures done annually which don’t catch headlines. Those are the procedures that aren’t so noticeable, the ones that make us green with envy, the ones that make people look radiant and ageless.
And according to Shana LaMarsh, those are the procedures that really represent what the industry is all about. Shana is the CEO and COO of Aesthetic Medicine Physicians & Surgeons here in Lake Oswego, and in her view, it’s not about appearing to be 20 when you’re 50, but about looking like the healthiest, most youthful version of yourself at any age. Their goal is to expose, maintain, and enhance the client’s inherent natural beauty. Such transformations, although noticeable, should be subtle.
I was so impressed by Shana and the way she explained her interpretation of the art of aesthetics, because to her, it really is an art. And what we see in the tabloids is not a fair representation of it. People are naturally beautiful, and it’s her chosen purpose to help people bring it to the surface.
She’s incredibly pragmatic about it, too, and she recognizes the obvious: that people look older as they age. That’s just a fact of life. There’s no way around it.
However, even though aging is inevitable, there are ways of slowing the process, and at Aesthetic Medicine, they are extremely adept with all of these methods. There are even some ways to “reverse” aging to some extent, but Shana treads carefully with her clients heading down that path. She is adamant about being completely open, honest and transparent about every aspect of every procedure, and what the client should expect. Educating her clients and setting realistic expectations for them is an imperative.

Shana has worked tirelessly to ensure that they remain at the cutting edge of the industry (pun intended); that they have all the best equipment, the most highly-trained technicians and doctors, and the ability to offer the widest array of treatment options available in the local market. That said, according to Shana, when anyone in their industry is doing their best work, nobody should notice! It’s ironic, but true. You should look younger, healthier, your skin more vibrant and less wrinkled, but you should not appear “doctored”. It should not be obvious that you had anything done. And therein lies the art!
Aesthetic Medicine Physicians & Surgeons was founded by Dr. Darm 26 years ago. The office actually started out in Lake Owego, but then moved to Tigard for a time and has now returned to their hometown. Shana has worked in the industry (and with Dr. Darm specifically) for over 10 years now and has additional years of experience as a medical assistant and working in oncology. Although she initially worked for Dr. Darm years ago, she returned to AM in her current role in 2019, and she couldn’t be happier to be back!
According to Shana, things are going incredibly well at AM, even during a worldwide pandemic, and she credits much of that success to their wonderfully dedicated staff. She is grateful to everyone there and, of course, to the customers who have continued to support them. And that leads us to some exciting new announcements!
In the near future, clients can look forward to three new procedures that will be offered at AM very soon: Thread Lifts (aka “Lunchtime Lifts”), Fat Grafting, and Hair Removal. They also just added “Mini Face Lifts” to their catalog last year and Laser Lipolysis (which is the new-and-improved method of Liposuction, using a laser which is less invasive and less damaging—and it tightens your skin in the process!).
In addition to the new procedures that are or will soon be on offer, they also still have their usual blend of services: Body Sculpting (both Minimally Invasive: Lipolift and BodyTite, and Non-Invasive: Emsculpt and Vanquish Me), Skin Tightening (BodyTite, Exillis, and Microneedling), Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures (MiniFaceLift, FaceTite, and Accutite), Injectables (Wrinkle Reducers and Dermal Fillers), Cosmetic Skin Treatments (Laser Scar Reduction, Microneedling, Acne Treatments, Sun Damage Laser, Facial Vein Removal, Laserlift, Laser Pore Reduction, Laser Treatments for Rosacea, Microdermabrasion, and Cellulite) as well as Intimate Wellness (Urinary Incontinence).

This is a locally owned and operated patient-driven business, where the team truly cares about their customers, as well as the community at large. They are heavily involved in many local fundraising events, they’ve donated truckloads of supplies to Meridian Park Hospital during COVID, provided free treatments to underprivileged community members, and presented cash donations to many local shelters.
Although men are welcome, it is a female-centric business and they want to ensure that women feel very comfortable here. The staff are well-trained and highly professional—especially when it comes to understanding the difficulties women face regarding the aging process, and how sensitive they might be about coming in. Youth and beauty are such highly-coveted commodities in our culture and there is a significant amount of anxiety over maintaining both. Simultaneously, many women have little to no support.
We all like to believe we are more evolved now than we were 40 or 50 years ago, but it bears acknowledging that women have not always been kind or supportive to one another. Here at Aesthetic Medicine, Shana and her team have carefully fostered a positive, collaborative, and supportive environment; one where anyone can feel comfortable and no judgments will ever be made. Treat yourself to the most relaxing, rejuvenating, and age-defying experience of your life! Call Aesthetic Medicine and make an appointment today!

Aesthetic Medicine Physicians & Surgeons is located at 4800 Meadows Road, just off Kruse Way in Lake Oswego. Call 503-907-9401 or visit for more information, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram @AestheticMedicineLakeOswego.