The Woodburn Pet Hospital Veterinarians

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By Dennis McNabb, Active Media Contributing Writer
Photos by Brubaker Photography

One upside to all of the madness that resulted from a worldwide pandemic and the ensuing chaos is this: many of us rescued, adopted, or purchased four-legged furry companions to help us through those long and lonely housebound days. Recent estimates have suggested that as many as 11.38 million households in the United States have acquired pets since last spring!

As difficult as the last year has been for human beings, it has been a terrific time for our sweet little friends. Not only have so many more pets been given homes, but most of us have actually been home to give them more love and attention than ever. Now that restrictions are starting to ease, we mustn’t forget the commitments that come with having a pet. We need to remember to take good care of those furry family members who helped see us through these past months. If your new furbaby is in need of care, Woodburn Pet Hospital is just the place to call!

The business itself has been around for over 30 years, founded initially by Dr. Patrick Paradis as The Animal Medical Clinic. Though the name and location have changed through the years, the practice has been a stable pillar of the community all this time. Current owner, Dr. Elizabeth Nguyen (she goes by Dr. Beth) has been practicing there since 2012, and just recently purchased it from the retiring Dr. Paradis in 2018. She and her associate Veterinarian, Dr. Annette Zacher (who has been there since 2014) have worked hard to maintain the legacy of Dr. Paradis, while also growing the business based on their own passion and love for animals.

Dr. Beth grew up outside of Woodburn and has always been surrounded by animals: dogs, cats, horses, pigs, etc. In high school she owned a horse that had some challenging health issues and required a lot of care and attention. It was during this time that she discovered her calling and decided to go to veterinary school. Her passion is infectious, and it’s clear that her love and devotion to animals is not just a part of her job, but a part of who she is.

Every member of the staff has a genuine love of animals, and that’s reflected in their longevity with the clinic. Receptionist, Twyla Paynter has been there from the beginning and stayed for 32 years! Office manager and Dr. Beth’s own mother, Theresa Wolf, has been there for 22 years. Clearly, these people love what they do and where they do it. The atmosphere there is one of tranquility, love, and support. Just read some of their testimonials on their website: people drive all the way from Gresham because the care they receive here is so wonderful!

Dr. Beth and Dr. Zacher know that your pets are your family, and they in turn treat them like their own. Pet dentistry, Internal Medicine, Spays and Neuters, Behavioral Consultations, Parasite Prevention, and Wellness Plans, they do it all! They are so happy to be a part of the Woodburn Community, and work hard to give back. Last year that involved helping house pets that were displaced by the terrible fires, raising money for the humane society, and caring for homeless cats awaiting adoption.

Do yourself and your furry best friend a favor. Call Woodburn Pet Hospital today and make an appointment. Please keep in mind when you call that due to remaining Covid restrictions, they are very busy and may be a little slower than usual. They request your patience at this time, but take our word for it: It will be worth the wait!

Woodburn Pet Hospital is located at 985 Evergreen Road, near the I-5 interchange.

Call 503-981-4622 or visit for more information.