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In Tune Nutrition offers holistic approach

By Kelly Romo, Contributing Writer | Photos by Lisa Kuhlman

Our bodies possess an impressive capability to heal and repair, but this process requires the proper nutrients. Nutritionist Melissa Olson understands this essential link between nutrition and health. To evaluate the needs of each client, In Tune Nutrition utilizes Nutrition Response Testing® as well as a computerized scan of the nervous system. Based on the results, Melissa designs a personalized nutrition program to optimize health and natural functioning.

In Tune Nutrition caters to people with a wide range of health issues — from those who feel healthy but looking to feel even better to those with all types of digestive problems, low energy, brain fog, autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, sleep issues and more. In Tune Nutrition’s approach to health and wellness is holistic, with a focus on providing individualized solutions. After earning her Master of Science in Nutrition, Melissa saw how much people benefited from improving their diet, so she has dedicated herself to helping others optimize their nutrition.

Nutrition Response Testing

In Tune Nutrition distinguishes itself from other nutritionists through its specialization in Nutrition Response Testing, a unique method for identifying the exact nutrients required by an individual’s body to bring it back into balance. Nutrition Response Testing is a natural, non-invasive way to analyze the body to see what parts of the body are stressed or not functioning as well as they should and what is contributing to that stress. During the initial appointment, muscle testing is utilized to observe how the body responds to specific inputs. These responses are then used to determine what nutrients will help the body function better and improve how the person feels.

Computerized Scan of the Nervous System

If the nervous system is not functioning properly, other health interventions may not yield their full potential benefits. In Tune Nutrition understands this and works to ensure that their clients’ nervous systems are functioning optimally. The nervous system is checked at each visit as part of the Nutrition Response Testing as well as through computerized scans of the nervous system and identifying the specific nutrients the body needs.

Food & Nutrition Coaching

Food & Nutrition Coaching sessions ensure clients are equipped with the tools they need to lead healthier lifestyles. The sessions cover proteins, carbs, and fats — the basics of what we need from each type of food. They also cover aspects of everyday life that affect our bodies, such as sleep hygiene, meal planning, grocery shopping, and stress management. Other topics include reading food labels, meal planning and cooking, body care products and stress management.

Whole Food Supplements

Fundamentally, nutrition forms the building blocks of our bodies, so the focus should always be on obtaining the majority of our nutrients from a balanced and diverse diet. However, in the reality of today’s busy lifestyles and less-than-perfect diets, whole food supplements play a vital role in filling in the gaps to ensure the body gets what it needs to function optimally. Whole Food Supplements are a crucial part of the comprehensive nutrition plan at In Tune Nutrition. Unlike synthetic vitamins, whole food supplements are packed with nutrients along with their natural cofactors and enzymes to ensure the body absorbs and utilizes them optimally.

What to Expect

A phone call is the first step for a new client wanting to begin their journey with In Tune Nutrition. Melissa is happy to answer any questions and schedule an initial consultation. The initial consultation lasts about two hours. During this session, the necessary paperwork is completed and a discussion of the client’s concerns and health goals are discussed. A unique feature of the process is the computerized scan of the nervous system, followed by the full Nutrition Response Testing analysis. The information from these two tests enables Melissa to formulate a written report of findings and recommendations. The client is presented with this comprehensive initial information so they can make an informed decision about proceeding with In Tune Nutrition. This rigorous yet transparent process ensures clients feel confident and comfortable in their journey to optimal health.


In Tune Nutrition understands that health and nutrition needs should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, they offer various plans to meet their clients’ needs. For clients seeking to optimize their health, they have three different packages that offer discounted and cost-effective options as well as a generous family plan.

Health is wealth, and if you are looking for a natural way to improve your overall well-being, Nutrition Response Testing may be the solution. Don’t wait another day to start your transformation. If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment with Melissa, call In Tune Nutrition at (360) 836-0678.