Teaching to the Open Minded Individual

A PT Academy offers individualized and Christian-based education to students in the Canby area. With a small group format, students progress at their own pace, and are encouraged to exercise their creativity and curiosity. Students also have the chance to go on field trips, providing a hands-on experience of the material they learn in class. Call or email APT Academy to learn more about their tailored learning approach.

Discover a New Path to Wellness

In Tune Nutrition provides personalized nutrition programs using unique methods like Nutrition Response Testing® and nervous system scans. Get individualized solutions to optimize health and natural functioning, as well as food and nutrition coaching, whole food supplements, and accessible packages. Schedule an appointment with Melissa today.

Professional Auto Care Getting You Road Ready

Bob Bauer and his team at Mr. Transmission provide expert engine and transmission repairs, as well as routine maintenance. Their skills are trusted by top used-car dealerships across the nation. Contact them at milexmrt568@gmail.com for ethical and cost-effective service, with the tagline “We Sell Trust.

Linfield Theater: Molière in Mac

“The Imaginary Invalid” promises laughter Community: Linfield University TheatreBy Kelly Romo, Contributing Writer A dazzling comedy that harmonizes with the rebellious spirit of the late-1960s, “The Imaginary Invalid” is a

U.S. Fire Administration offers life-saving tips

In case your car catches fire, it’s important to act fast. Safely pull over to the side of the road, turn off the engine, and promptly exit the vehicle. Prevent fires by practicing safe habits and following maintenance recommendations. Electric vehicle owners should also ensure they charge their cars correctly and seek assistance from a qualified electrician if needed.

The Secret to Amazing Outdoor Living

Tom Moore and Chris McReynolds, owners of Wilsonville’s Patio Cover People, bring a customer-first approach to outdoor living solutions. With high-quality acrylic patio covers, they enhance daylight and comfort. Their responsiveness and expertise have garnered trust and satisfaction, making clients proud ‘patio cover people’.