Love for Community and Pizza Goes Beyond the Oven

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Meet the stellar staff at Papa Murphy’s

Taste of the Town: Papa Murphy’s
By Angie Helvey, Contributing Writer | Photos by Laurel Bice

The owner ad staff stand in front of Papa Murphy's

Papa Murphy’s is known for making the most delicious Take ‘N’ Bake pizza you’ll ever eat, but that’s not all that makes this company special. KJ and Paige Glennon own nine locations in Oregon, and they’ve built their pizza empire on the shoulders of a dedicated team and a loyal customer base. The Keizer location is run by a close-knit team of people who work together to create a positive environment for everyone who walks through their doors.

Dawn Schierman started off helping open new locations back in 2005 but was quickly promoted to manager at the Keizer location, and nowadays she functions as the area supervisor and KJ’s right hand when it comes to store operations. Dawn has a background as a barista and a heart for growing leaders and developing customer relationships. “The biggest value I teach is mutual respect,” she says, “and the Keizer store has a really tight crew that demonstrates that perfectly.”

Most of the team at Keizer has been there for the long haul, and Dawn promotes frequently from within. Now the store manager, Haley started right out of high school back in 2012 and does a fantastic job fostering a culture that caters to the customer and supports the staff. Another crew member, Joey, started in 2012 and still works a couple of days per week despite having moved on to other ventures. Crystal is yet another core employee who’s been there for over five years. “I’ve had people who started in high school, and now they are getting married, purchasing homes,” shares Dawn. “That’s what I love about my job – getting to be part of that.”

The longevity of Papa Murphy’s workers speaks to the way the company compensates and takes care of its staff. “We’ve done a great job creating a lifestyle for our teams,” Dawn says, “whether they want to be with us just through high school or college or make this a career.” Dawn is also proud to cultivate a work environment for all age groups. “We’ve got young managers often managing older staff, and it’s been rewarding to see the relationships that have grown within our team,” she says. “It’s all about treating each other with respect.”

The cohesive nature of the team at Keizer is what makes this store shine, and creates a comfortable atmosphere for customers. “When I came to Papa Murphy’s, I wanted to bring my background as a barista and implement that culture here,” Dawn explains. “I love getting to know the customers. We had one that didn’t talk much or make eye contact. Over the years we’ve seen them open up and now we’re friends.”

Next time you’re craving a fresh, tasty Take ‘N’ Bake pizza to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, pick up Papa Murphy’s, and make sure to say hello to Haley and her wonderful staff; they are ready and waiting to serve you!

Papa Murphy’s is located at 5093 River Rd. N. Keizer. Please give them a call at (503) 393-7272, or visit their website at