Come Get This Sensational Winter’s Bounty

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Artisans and farmers gather at the Grange

Community: Farmers Market at the Grange
By Donovan Darling, Staff Writer | Photos courtesy of Farmers Market at the Grange

In McMinnville and throughout Yamhill County, the local winter Farmers Market at the Grange stands as a vibrant hub of community and sustainable living, bringing in locals and visitors to its many diverse shops. Even in the winter months, when pouring rain and beating wind might deter you from leaving your home, the market is worth getting up and out for those keen on supporting local businesses, farms and the community.

The Farmers Market at the Grange in McMinnville offers a calm and cozy vibe. As customers bundle up against the rain and cold, the market’s vendors offer a huge array of seasonal produce, artisanal goods and handmade crafts. This commitment to operating in the winter sustains local businesses — during a typically slower time of the year — as well as provides customers with a myriad of ever-changing products in a season that really encourages hibernation here in rainy Oregon.

One of the best reasons for heading to the Farmers Market at the Grange, especially in the winter, is the chance to support local farmers. Purchasing fresh, locally-sourced produce during the colder months helps sustain these farmers’ livelihoods and encourages the cultivation of winter crops. By choosing to buy local produce, you also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint, as the products haven’t traveled a long distance to reach the market and your kitchen.

Beyond supporting farmers, the market serves as a venue for local businesses to thrive and be seen. Artisans and craftsfolk are able to showcase their unique works, from handcrafted goods like soap and jewelry to specialty foods like tea, fresh fruit and mushrooms, and vegetables and locally-raised meat. Shopping at the Grange is a humble and insightful experience, drawing together local buyers with knowledgeable local sellers,
a connection rarely if ever present in big box retail stores.

Moreover, attending the winter Farmers Market at the Grange is a way to build and support the community. Residents come together, sharing a sense of camaraderie as they explore the stalls and engage with local vendors in a true gathering place for all of McMinnville and Yamhill County.

The Farmers Market at the Grange is located at 1700 S.W. Old Sheridan Road in McMinnville. They’re open year-round, Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more info or a list of vendors, visit their Facebook or Instagram, @farmersmarketatthegrange.