Pizza and Beer!

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Moe’s teams up with Salem Capitals

Food and Dining: Odd Moe’s Keizer
By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer | Photos by Laurel Bice

What’s new at Odd Moe’s Pizza? How about a couple of craft beers and a new hard cider! Collaborating with the Salem Capitals basketball team and Kicking-Cancer organization, Odd Moe’s Pizza in Salem and Keizer will be serving up Shoot the J for IPA, Ox Box Lime Lager and Community Culture Salem Cider. Stop by any Salem/Keizer Odd Moe’s Pizza and order up one of these winners!

Jumping at the chance, Odd Moe’s will host the Salem Capitals concession stand during home games in the Salem Armory, where you’ll find “Professional Basketball with a Personal Touch!”

Featured foods include Ox Box 1/2 lb. Moe Joe’s with Chicken Strips, delicious 1 lb. pasta bowls, hot dogs, popcorn and of course, pizza. Assorted drinks, including the two new beers and hard cider will also be available. Other standard stadium fare can be found listed in the complete “Fan Food” menu posted February 13th on Odd Moe’s Pizza Facebook page.

Manning shifts behind the concession counter at the Armory will be Mike and Sam, co-founders of Odd Moe’s Pizza company and franchise. Owners of the Keizer store, Eric and Mandy, will be doing their part too, as well as other Odd Moe’s owners and staff who operate stores in the local area. For the Salem Capitals home game schedule and to purchase tickets online visit their website: Catch a game. Grab some food and drink. And enjoy!

Yes, Odd Moe’s now serves pasta! Made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, these pasta selections are delicious. Moe’s is also featuring some new desserts. One mouthwatering seasonal choice is Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Ganache. If you’re “craving a burst of sweetness, Odd Moe’s has your back,” they assure their customers. A perfect blend of juicy strawberries and custard filling covered in velvety chocolate ganache is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

As always, you can count on Odd Moe’s Northwest-style pizza to satisfy any pizza lover’s palate. “The ingredients and toppings are always fresh,” says Keizer owner Mandy Burdge. “Our dough is always made fresh too; it’s never frozen or pre-made.” Eric and Mandy are going on seven years now as the Keizer franchise owners and they promise that Odd Moe’s will give you the best quality carry-out pizza around.

Odd Moe’s Pizza in Keizer is located at 5151 River Road North. Order by phone, 503-390-0098, or order online at We deliver gourmet pizza, craft beers, wings, garden salads and more!