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Written by Kelly Romo, Contributing Writer

A group of students

Education First High School Exchange Year (EF HSEY) aims to bring together different cultures and create international relationships. This program provides a life-changing opportunity for both host families and exchange students where they can learn about each other’s cultures and develop relationships that will last a lifetime. The program allows the exchange students to create life-long connections and go back to their countries to share their experiences in America.
Education First (EF) has provided exchange programs to students and families worldwide for over forty years. Established in 1979, EF has grown into the largest international student exchange organization in the US, with offices in more than fifty countries and territories worldwide. Their mission is to provide transformative educational experiences to expand global awareness, create cross-cultural connections, and develop language skills that open minds to new perspectives. Through their exchange program, they have impacted hundreds of thousands of lives by connecting students from all walks of life with host families who share their enthusiasm for learning about other cultures.

EF understands that hosting a student for the first time can be daunting, so they provide extensive support for host families through every step of the process. International and regional coordinators offer a wealth of information, advice, and resources to help families choose the right student and provide ongoing guidance throughout the duration of the exchange.

EF ensures that host families are well-prepared and supported during this immersive experience. They also offer 24/7 emergency support in case any issues arise while hosting an exchange student. With such comprehensive care and attention, it’s no wonder why so many people have chosen EF as their preferred provider of