A Taste of Mexico City 

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Taste of the Town: Casa Lola

By Angie Helvey, Contributing Writer
Photos by Malaina Kinne

The owners warmly smile

S ometimes the best eats are hidden in plain sight! Tucked behind the Cornelius Fred Meyer in a small strip mall sits Casa Lola Kitchen de Mexico, the best place to find fresh, tasty, and authentic Mexico City cooking with elevated flavors and a classy vibe.  

The Cornelius location is the second installation of Casa Lola, the first in Beaverton, both owned by the Cortes family. Carlos Cortes grew up in Mexico City and worked in several Tex-Mex chains in California to learn the business side of running a restaurant. His recipes, however, come straight from Mexico. “The recipes come from the style of cooking you find in Mexico City, dishes I ate at home when I was a child,” Carlos says.

The menu at Casa Lola features tons of unique, mouth-watering dishes you won’t find at your typical Mexican restaurant. The most popular dishes include the Pollo Relleno (succulent chicken breast stuffed with queso fresco, finished with a creamy poblano pepper sauce and white rice), the Pollo en Chile Morito (prepared the same but with a creamy Morita pepper sauce), and the Carnitas (slow roasted pork and avocado, pico de gallo, chipotle sauce and tortillas). Or try a nice juicy ribeye steak with a side of caramelized jalapeno mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes. The Chamorro en Salsa Verde is another customer favorite, pork shank smothered in their signature tomatillo sauce and served with white rice.

Suppose you’re craving a more traditional meal, Casa Lola has you covered with options like the Lola Bowl (rice, beans, lettuce, mango pico de gallo, and choice of steak, chicken, carnitas, fish, or shrimp topped with Mexican cream, queso fresco, and avocado). Several tasty vegetarian options are also available, and they even serve brunch on the weekends! Save room for dessert because the Tres Leches Cake is delectable.    

There’s nothing like a fresh, homemade margarita without all the artificial flavors and syrups. Casa Lola does it right, slinging made-to-order margs with award-winning tequila and agave nectar. Or try a sweet and fruity Paloma or refreshing Mexican beer. The restaurant boasts a full bar area with televisions, a perfect place to hang out and relax, especially during their daily happy hour!

Carlos works hard to provide an all-around fantastic experience at Casa Lola. “I’m always looking to get the best quality ingredients, certified Angus beef, and we source locally whenever possible,” explains Carlos. “I love becoming friends with my customers, and the place is very welcoming. You won’t see your typical bright colors and pinatas; it’s more classic with solid colors and a cozy ambiance.” Meals are all-inclusive, so if you need extra sour cream or tortillas, get as much as you want at no extra cost. “We want to treat people like they were in our house,” Carlos says. “Our greatest satisfaction is when customers leave complimenting the food and the service.”

Visit Casa Lola Kitchen de Mexico for authentic and elevated Mexican cuisine in a casual, relaxing dining room with friendly and welcoming staff. Don’t miss out on this family-owned hidden gem!

The Casa Lola restaurant building

Casa Lola Kitchen de Mexico is located at 148 N 20th Ave. in Cornelius and 16325 SW Barrows Rd. #100 in Beaverton. Visit their website at casalolapdx.com to view their menu, order online, or make reservations.