Healthy and Delicious Mediterranean Cuisine Prepared With Love

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Taste of the Town: Mr. Gyro

By Dennis McNabb, Staff Writer
Photos by Carly Carpenter

Living in the Portland Metro Area, we are very fortunate, and perhaps a little spoiled, to have such a rich, vibrant, and flourishing food culture. We have as many restaurants serving as many fantastic and unique varieties of delicious Mediterranean cuisine as the imagination can conjure. Some serve relatively standard fare: decent, hearty dishes that fill the void, but do little to excite the palate. Some serve exotic fare which tantalizes the taste buds, but is unsubstantial, and leaves you feeling unsatisfied. Still others serve food that tastes great and satisfies your hunger, but leaves you feeling overly-full, heavy, and sluggish. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a place that straddles the line? One that serves incredibly delicious and unique dishes that indulges your every food craving, satisfies your hunger, and leaves you feeling sated but still light on your feet? Well, that place exists, right here in Wilsonville, and it’s called Mr. Gyros Mediterranean Grill!

Delicious Mediterranean Cuisine

Fayad Zinab, owner and founder, has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. Anyone who has lived in the greater Portland area for some time will remember the Greek Cusina — that old fixture of the downtown cityscape which had the purple octopus over the entryway. It was a favorite Portland dining spot for years, and the place where Fayad started his culinary journey. From there, he moved on to Daphne’s (another incredible Greek/Mediterranean eatery) and a few other fast food restaurants. It was there, in the fast food industry, where he gained a lot of his managerial experience, working his way up to district management, and overseeing as many as 14 locations!

Although he temporarily dipped his toe in interests beyond the food industry, he soon discovered that this was where he belonged. When a very close friend of his (who owns several Gyro House locations around town) happened to be interested in selling one of his locations, Fayad took advantage of the opportunity. Purchasing that location and transforming it into an entirely new endeavor, Fayad opened the doors to the one and only Mr. Gyros on April 20th, 2021!

Delicious Mediterranean Cuisine

Of course, opening a new restaurant, especially during COVID, was a huge challenge, but Fayad says he was welcomed with open arms. He has had an incredible response from the community, and is grateful for the support! And, just in case you were unaware, by the time you read this article (or perhaps shortly after), Mr. Gyros will have relocated to its brand new spot next to Dotty’s Deli in the same Fred Meyer Shopping Center in Wilsonville where it was previously. So, if you go looking for your favorite gyros in town, and you see that they’ve left their old location, don’t fret! Mr. Gyros has only moved across the parking lot!

Beyond that, it’s all about the food, so let’s discuss the menu. First and foremost, and perhaps it goes without saying, but these are the best gyros in town. They are his most popular item, and a must-try for first-timers, although everything on the menu is incredible. Other local favorites include Fayad’s Falafel (made completely from scratch, not a mix!), his Lamb Shank entrée, his Kabobs, and his various bowls.These are all Fayad’s recipes, made with his own proprietary blend of spices, and using only the highest quality, local, and ethically-sourced ingredients. It’s all fresh and all made from scratch, even the hummus, Baba Ganoush, and Tabbouleh. And portions are exceedingly generous, so bring your appetite, but because the dishes are light and full of fresh vegetables, you won’t regret indulging. Many of the dishes are, in fact, vegetarian. So for those with dietary restrictions, this is an ideal place to find a variety of alternatives which fit your specific needs.

Try something delicious and healthy while supporting local business! Eat at Mr. Gyros today!

Mr. Gyros is located at 30200 S.W. Boones Ferry Road in the Fred Meyer Shopping Center in Wilsonville. Call 503-486-5198 for more information. Delivery is available through DoorDash.