Bringing the Tire Repair Shop to Your Front Door: Expert Advice & Service

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Business Feature: 503 Tires

By Angie Helvey, Contributing Writer
Photos by Hayley Starkey

Remy, the owner of the mobile tire repair shop, 503 Tires

Need new tires but don’t have time to sit at a tire shop all day? Remy Guyen, the owner of 503 Mobile Wheels and Tires, is dedicated to helping customers save time and keeping them safe on the road by providing new tires, repair, and replacement services directly to your home, office, or any location most convenient. “Tires are never something people want to deal with,” says Remy. “It’s expensive, and it takes time at a shop. When I can bring that service to them, on time, with a friendly face and honest recommendations, and get the job done professionally, they are happy, and so am I.”
Remy has been in the automotive industry from a very young age when his parents owned an independent tire repair shop in France. He opened 503 Mobile Wheels and Tires in June 2020 when he saw the need to make tire services more accessible and convenient. Remy lives in Scappoose but also serves St. Helens and the Portland Metro area, including Hillsboro, Beaverton, and more. Services include new tire sales and replacement, repair, inspection, rotation, and installation of seasonal tires for your personal vehicle, work/fleet vehicle, passenger or light duty truck, RV trailer, or boat trailer. Remy lends his expert advice to help you choose the right product. “If a customer needs tires and is knowledgeable about tires, they can shop and order tires directly through our website,,” explains Remy. “However, it’s best to give me a call, email, or text so I can help them find the best tires for their needs, preferences, and budget.”

503 Mobile tire repair working on vehicle.

Besides prioritizing superior customer service and high-quality work, 503 Mobile Wheels and Tires values helping customers stay safe when traveling. Tires are the most easily damaged part of your vehicle. Drivers often put off tire maintenance because they don’t have time to sit in a tire repair shop, which can endanger the Accu-Tech Automotive:The Experts!“>driver and passengers. Remy’s specialized mobile service is the perfect solution to minimize the risk of an accident and keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. Scheduling service is easy and convenient, and Remy strives to accommodate the customer’s needs. “Being mobile, I don’t stock tires; therefore, everything is by appointment,” says Remy. “But if someone needs help right away, I can pick up tires at a local supplier and meet them for installation.”
503 Mobile Wheels and Tires offers competitive pricing on tires, works with all brands on the market, and guarantees professional service to every customer. Contact Remy to bring the traditional tire shop to your front door, helping you save time, and offering a new and different experience.
503 Mobile Wheels and Tires serves the Portland Metro Area and Scappoose / St. Helens. Give them a ring at 503-509-5633, or visit their website at to order tires or schedule an appointment.