Business Spotlight: MS Glass Outlet, Polished Service

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by Dennis McNabb, Active Media Contributing Writer
Photos by Craig Brubaker Photography

Auto glass repair and replacement isn’t something many of us typically care to deal with. It’s a common problem, though, here in the Northwest, where snow and ice treatments on the roads often leave behind tiny fragments of loose gravel. Gravel which somehow seems to lodge firmly into tire treads just long enough to gain the perfect trajectory and velocity to then be flung through the air and into your windshield! Or perhaps the gravel was innocent, and it was rather some malicious person that was intent on breaking through your windows and helping themselves to your belongings.

The crew at Ms Glass Outlet

Whatever the cause, dealing with damaged auto glass can be a hassle, a headache, and an unasked for burden, but the good news for us here in Beaverton is that we have the best in the business right here to help! Mike Saghfi is the owner and operator of MS Glass Outlet on SW Canyon, and they have you covered for all of your auto glass repair or replacement needs.

He started the business back in 1990 after learning the ropes with his best friend down in California. Mike actually got his degree in Civil Engineering, but after working in that field for a short time, he realized it wasn’t for him. Repairing and replacing glass in vehicles proved to be far more rewarding and much more in tune with his active lifestyle (as an avid soccer player, Mike doesn’t enjoy work that keeps him stuck at a desk).

Rather than staying in California and competing with his best friend’s new business, he ended up moving to Portland and opened his first store downtown. That location no longer exists, but the business got off to a strong start nevertheless, and Mike now owns five locations in Oregon and Washington.

The Ms Glass Building

He leads the industry volume-wise and he is the only brand with more than two locations in the entire area. That allows them to carry more inventory than anyone else – 10,000 windshields in stock, to be specific – and that means same day service 99% of time! They can also do mobile service to any area of Portland.

Mike credits all of his success to one simple concept: hard work! Although he decided not to pursue civil engineering, Mike says that getting his degree was still of great importance when it came to teaching him valuable life lessons, including discipline, commitment to goals, a solid work ethic, and great communication skills.

30 years later, and he still has an abundance of energy and enthusiasm for his work, but the true testament to those values is his retention numbers. In the automotive industry (autoglass especially), the rate of turnover is exceptionally high but out of Mike’s 42 employees, 90% of them have been with him for over 10 years. That’s almost unheard of, but it goes to show the kind of guy Mike is and the kind of business he runs.

A worker at Ms Glass

Because they are the biggest in the Northwest, there is literally no autoglass problem that MS Glass can’t handle. They offer same day service on almost any vehicle, including exotic models, with the least amount of hassle to you. They warranty their work, offer the lowest price guaranteed, and even provide shuttle service and loaner cars when needed. There’s no reason to call anyone else!

MS Glass Outlet is located at 11495 SW Canyon Road in Beaverton. Call them at 503-208-5959 or visit their website at for more information.