Oregon City

Bistro Cubano: Experience Cuba in the Northwest

Indulge in the essence of Cuba with a Havana Burger. The Havana Burger is a tantalizing dish that harmonizes flavors — stacking bacon, Swiss cheese, chipotle-adobo mayo, red onion, lettuce and tomato over a flawlessly grilled, seasoned chicken breast. A true delight for the senses. The Havana Burger, an unwavering choice, captures the very essence of Cuba’s culinary spirit. Located on Main Street in downtown Oregon City, Bistro Cubano stands as a Caribbean culinary haven.

Flowers Guaranteed To Beautify Your Home

In 2008, she opened Main Street Floral and found her joy again, acknowledging, “I won’t know if I’ve failed if I don’t try.” From the start, Marilyn committed to reaching out to nonprofits, providing both goods and support, while recognizing she still had to attend to her bottom line.

Clean Air Lawn Care: The Neighborhood’s Healthiest Lawn

There is a brand new environmentally friendly lawn care provider in the area, and you are going to love their service!
Locally owned and operated by people who love our beautiful city, Clean Air Lawn Care’s new Oregon City franchise location just opened in December of 2020. Owners Todd and Rachael Page are pioneers in this ever-expanding sector of the market, bringing solar-powered, battery-operated, organic lawn care to both public and private clientele.