Bistro Cubano: Experience Cuba in the Northwest

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Chef’s Choice: The Havana Burger
A Cuban-inspired chicken sandwich

The Chicken Cuban Sandwich and Bistro Cubano.

Indulge in the essence of Cuba with a Havana Burger. The Havana Burger is a tantalizing dish that harmonizes flavors — stacking bacon, Swiss cheese, chipotle-adobo mayo, red onion, lettuce and tomato over a flawlessly grilled, seasoned chicken breast. A true delight for the senses. The Havana Burger, an unwavering choice, captures the very essence of Cuba’s culinary spirit. Located on Main Street in downtown Oregon City, Bistro Cubano stands as a Caribbean culinary haven.

The restaurant keeps patrons coming back with its authentic dishes. The outdoor patio, adorned with flickering tiki torches, transports diners to a distant tropical isle.

On your next visit, indulge in this tried-and-true classic. The Havana Burger isn’t just a dish — it’s an expedition to Havana in each savory bite. With its vibrant atmosphere, Bistro Cubano isn’t just a restaurant — it’s a journey to the heart of the Caribbean. From the first bite of the Havana Burger to the last sip of a refreshing mojito, every moment here resonates with the island’s rich culture and flavors, making it a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Caribbean cuisine isn’t just a menu at Bistro Cubano — it’s a passion that drives the owners. Their love for the vibrant flavors, unique ingredients and culinary traditions of the Caribbean is evident in every carefully-crafted dish. Their dedication to creating an authentic experience for patrons is what sets the restaurant apart. Their warmth and devotion create an inviting space where guests can savor not only the delectable food, but also the heartfelt enthusiasm that goes into every aspect of running the restaurant.

At Bistro Cubano, the love for what they do enriches every customer’s dining adventure, making each visit a true celebration of Caribbean cuisine and hospitality.

709 Main St, Suite 101 • Oregon City

http://bistrocubanooc.com503.387.5678 •

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