Andres Landscape: Time Tested, A Legacy In Landscaping

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By Dennis McNabb, Staff Writer

Photos by Andrew Sambuceto

The Andres Landscaping crew stand in front a work truck
A homes landscaping

Back in 2004, Andres Picon Pacheco and his family moved to Oregon from Columbia and he immediately began working in the landscape industry. Inherently hard-working and ambitious, Andres soon struck out on his own and in 2007, with a total of 2 employees including Andres himself, Andres Landscape was born. From those humble beginnings, the company flourished and now employs over 40 people! Their family-friendly approach, superior customer service, and creative artistry have earned them the deserved reputation as a market leader in both residential and commercial landscaping.
In 2019, Andres’s son, Andres Picon Ardila, graduated college with a degree in finance and joined the team as the new Business Manager. I had the pleasure of speaking with Andres Picon Ardila for the purpose of writing this article, and it was immediately clear why Andres Landscape is such a success. Not only was he incredibly knowledgeable and professional regarding the business, but his passion was evident. There was a real sense of pride in what they’ve accomplished: a multi-generational family legacy.

Andres Landscape offers a variety of services that run the gamut from smaller maintenance jobs all the way up to complete landscape renovations, redesigns, and construction projects. Maintenance work includes: turf management, lawn care, fertilization programs, weed control, pruning and trimming, and backflow testing to ensure you are county compliant. Design and construction work includes: hardscapes, patio covers, retaining walls, water features, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, and spas. They also do sod and irrigation installations, irrigation repairs, outdoor lighting, outdoor audio (stereo systems), plant design, preventative and/or restorative drainage systems, and one-time storm clean-ups. Everything is done with an eco-friendly and artistic flair, custom-designed to match each individual client’s specific needs and desires.
Creating a design for your outdoor space, whether it’s in a residential setting (front or back yard), or a commercial setting (business park), takes a keen eye. It requires extensive knowledge and experience to ensure you are making the most of the space while simultaneously avoiding many of the common pitfalls these types of projects can generate. How often have you noticed trees improperly installed on properties where the surface-level roots buckle the sidewalks and make for hazardous walking conditions? Or improperly installed drainage systems which leave high-trafficked areas flooded during the rains?

A homes landscaping

Andres Landscape has a highly-trained and experienced design team to assist you in making all the right choices; serving both form and function to provide superior curb appeal while still maintaining proper functionality. Their installers are the best in the business and can transform your property from banal to beautiful in the snap of a finger. They seek to provide unparalleled service by treating every client like a member of their family, and since they have individual experts leading each department of the organization, you always get the best advice from the most qualified personnel.

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Call for a free estimate at 503-632-3366, or check out their website to view some amazing photos of their work and customer testimonials: Also, contact Andres Exteriors (sister organization) for siding, roofing, etc., at andresexteri