Celebrate Bike Month With A Community Ride

Join us for the Annual Best Day Family Bike Ride in downtown Beaverton! We invite you to spend a day filled with biking, repairs, and family-friendly activities. Check out the new bike racks and learn about bike safety from the Beaverton Police Department. Don’t miss the celebration at the Beaverton Farmers Market with free cookies, lawn games, and raffle prizes. Register now at

Build Your Imagination in the Minifig Hideout

Bricks & Minifigs Beaverton buys, sells, and trades your favorite LEGO sets, Minifigs, and loose pieces. Shop the hundreds of Minifigs displayed neatly by theme: Star Wars, Super Heroes, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Ninjago, and more. Sift through inventory of loose product for needed or missing pieces, and peruse the shelves for built sets (most are retired and discontinued builds). Come visit today!

Artistic & Autistic Minds

re you looking for a socially engaging, academically challenging school that will encourage your child with Autism to be unapologetically themselves? Have you discovered that your neurodivergent child learns better by incorporating what they have been taught in real-world applications like shopping, creating artwork, or working?