Build Your Imagination in the Minifig Hideout

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Business Feature: Bricks & Minifigs Beaverton

Written by Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer | Photos by Malaina Kinne

Days are getting cooler, kids are back in school and fall birthday parties are upon us. Bricks & Minifigs Beaverton has assembled all the necessary elements to build a truly unique LEGO® themed birthday party experience. The Guest of Honor and friends will enjoy a full 90 minutes of fun, socializing and play in the Minifig Hideout party space. Bins of loose LEGO and DUPLO® bricks and tables topped with base plates await these party-goers’ special creations. The Minifig Hideout with each of its (mostly) primary-colored walls — red, blue, yellow and green—is the perfect setting for children of all ages (four and up) to enjoy putting their imagination to work.

The Bricks & Minfigs store

Voted Beaverton’s Best Toy Store and Place for Kids’ Birthday Parties in 2022, Bricks & Minifigs Beaverton is located inside the Cedar Hills Crossing mall and easily accessed using the entrance near Jersey Mike’s. The Minifig Hideout party space is situated just across the aisle from the main storefront and occupies its own mall space of approximately 1000 sq. ft. — a welcome amenity for parties in progress! Bricks & Minifigs’ owner, Lynnette Scott, has realized her dream goal of providing a safe and stimulating environment for birthday party entertainment. The Minifig Hideout is her brainchild. “I wanted a party room with walls of primary colors,” Lynnette relates. As for calling it the Minifig Hideout, “I thought it was a fun name!” she says.

MInifig hideout space

Parties in the Minifig Hideout can be scheduled 7 days a week and include the option of having a trained Bricks & Minifigs Host for an additional fee. The Host will run the games and activities for approximately the first hour of the 90 minute party. Employing a host frees up the parents or adults to focus on other aspects of the get-together. Party guests will enjoy an opportunity to build their own MOC (My Own Creation) by digging through LEGO bricks randomly spread out before them — how fun is that?! At the end of the party, each guest will take home either a Container of LEGO Pieces or 1 Special Minifig in a Bubble. The Birthday Guest of Honor also receives a Birthday Certificate and a T-Shirt. Party times are available all days 12:30-2:00 and 3:00-4:30, with a minimum 7-day advance booking. Visit their website for additional details, and to schedule a party online, select the “Plan Your Party” button and fill in the form provided.

School field trips are another popular use for the Minifig Hideout party space. Take advantage of this specialized learning opportunity and have your child’s teacher schedule a time for the kids to Participate, Imagine, and Create in the safe and secure environment of the Minifig Hideout party room. “As a previous elementary school teacher, I’m all about education,” Lynnette relates. She tells how the kids can get really creative when building their favorite vehicle, whether that’s a race car, flying chicken, or a TV on wheels. Bricks & Minifigs Beaverton will also venture off-site to bring this hands-on experience to the classroom. Lynnette tries to incorporate an activity connected to what the children are learning. For instance, 3-4 year olds were learning numbers and letters, so the kids used LEGO bricks to build their favorite number or letter. “It’s just a matter of getting creative with the kids,” Lynnette explains. “Some of them have incredible creativity.”

All ages love LEGO! Whether you’re 2 or 82, Bricks & Minifigs Beaverton has a universal appeal that brings every age group through its doors. “It’s pretty cool,” says Lynnette. “People need to know that they all have a creative side.” To see some of the truly stunning and imaginative customer creations, take a moment to scroll through Bricks & Minifigs’ Facebook photos.

Logos kits on didplay

Bricks & Minifigs Beaverton buys, sells, and trades your favorite LEGO sets, Minifigs, and loose pieces. Shop the hundreds of Minifigs displayed neatly by theme: Star Wars, Super Heroes, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Ninjago, and more. Sift through inventory of loose product for needed or missing pieces, and peruse the shelves for built sets (most are retired and discontinued builds). Come visit today!

Bricks & Minifigs Beaverton is located at 3205 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., # 44, inside Cedar Hills Crossing (enter near Jersey Mike’s). Call (503)644-5701, email, or visit their Instagram @bambeaverton or To book a party, visit their website,
For your convenience, the store is open Mon–Sat 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.,
Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 p.m.