Battle Ground

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Through the Lens

Meet Tyler Mode, an exceptionally talented professional photographer who has made a real difference in his community. Not only is he highly regarded for his stunning photography work, but he has also been recognized as the Citizen of the Year for his selfless contributions and commitment to making the world a better place. He is truly an inspiration to all who know him and his passion for his craft and his community is truly remarkable.

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In 2008, she opened Main Street Floral and found her joy again, acknowledging, “I won’t know if I’ve failed if I don’t try.” From the start, Marilyn committed to reaching out to nonprofits, providing both goods and support, while recognizing she still had to attend to her bottom line.

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Founded with a passion for helping people, Jordan started I’m On It Handyman about two years ago to meet all your repair and remodeling needs. A 3rd generation builder, Jordan has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, including custom homes and remodeling. He grew up in Vancouver and runs his businesses locally. He’s just the ticket for one stop shopping; call I’m On It Handyman today.

Hometown Hero: Beau Billeaudeaux

Growing up deep in the heart of Acadiana, also known as Cajun Country, Beau learned to speak French before he learned English—a skill he hoped might help him secure a choice assignment in the military. “I was hoping for beautiful French women and wine,” he recalls with a laugh. “Instead, I got Eskimos and icebergs. They told me, ‘You’re going to northern Greenland.’”

Mystery and Mayhem: The Intriguing History of Battle Ground

For many Northwest residents the name Battle Ground is a familiar one. This town just northeast of Vancouver is assumed by many to have derived its name from a historic battle waged at the location. The truth, however, is far more complex, tracing back to a series of events in the mid-19th century, when Washington was but a territory of the United States and relations between white settlers and Indigenous were violent.