The Canby Center: Threads of Kindness

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A Closet for Giving Back

Community: The Canby Center
By Joy Thom, Director of Program

Everyone knows that The Canby Center (TCC) is a place to go for food support in our community. From free daily lunches to emergency food boxes for our neighbors in crisis, TCC is prepared to meet the nutritional needs of the community. Yet, did you know that tucked between the lunch and laundry facilities there is a 325 square foot clothing “shop” as well? There is!

This “shop” is a retail experience unlike any other, where everything is free of charge to those being served, and served they are! At a recent meeting of our dedicated volunteers who make this amazing shop shine, they openly shared their passion for creating an experience that renews dignity for all visitors. “Dignified shopping” for this team means that people feel comfortable, respected, and cared for.

These compassionate volunteers take their jobs seriously, putting their care into action. In 2023, determined TCC volunteers sorted through 144,000 pounds of donated clothing. Only the best clothing makes it onto the organized shop racks, with the rest prepared for recycling. For them, every working zipper and every clean pair of pants is a gift of dignity to whoever will wear it next.

Who shops at The Canby Center you ask? Your neighbors and mine, that’s who.

The houseless gentleman you pass on a rainy day, he is there, getting dry clothes so he can begin his next steps. The relocated family finding their way in a new place, they are there, shopping for a new wardrobe to feel as though they belong in a new land. The mom who is suddenly single thrust into the workforce, she is there, surrounded by volunteers helping her put together interview outfits that calm her fear of the unknown.

To everyone who has donated your clothes to The Canby Center, I want to say, “Thank You!” You have gifted your neighbors with peace, comfort, dignity, hope and so much more. You have done it anonymously and without the expectation of ever seeing your gifts’ impact. I have seen the power of your generosity firsthand and what may have been small to you mattered so much more than you will ever know. Thank you!

Want to be a part of this work, wrapping dignity and care around our neighbors?

Donate your clean used and new clothing (the clothing shed is in TCC’s parking lot.)

You can refer families that you know who might
be in need.

You can visit TCC’s website and donate financially.

Visit The Canby Center to see it all in person!

Ask the staff for a tour and meet the amazing volunteers.