A Lifetime of Service and Leadership – From the U.S. Air Force to Canby Fire Chief

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Profiles in Service: Fire Chief Jim Davis
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By Dennis McNabb, Staff Writer

If we accept that the purpose of human life is to serve others, then it could be argued many of us have strayed from our paths; we have reached a clearing in the woods and discovered we’re lost. It is in light of such awareness that we hold those who have stayed the path in such high regard.

In the case of Jim Davis, Chief of Canby Fire District 62 and veteran of the U.S. Air Force, he is someone who has not only embraced his humanity by serving a lifetime in exemplary fashion but has done so while leaving a clear path for others to follow.

Interested from a young age in learning a trade, Jim joined the Air Force in July 1973 to do just that, and to earn a living while attending college. He was already married to his wife, Michelle, by that time, and their first child, Christina, had already been welcomed into the world. So, with a strong desire to serve others, Jim entered the Air Force to become a Fire Protection Specialist. His first assignment was at the Strategic Air Command base in Plattsburgh, New York, where he cut his teeth providing fire protection for both the base and also the city. During that time, he and Michelle welcomed their second daughter, Jennifer.

His second assignment was Ramstein Air Base in Germany, the largest fire department in the European command. Following shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Staff Sergeant and sent to Kaiserslautern to assist in the transformation of Army fire stations into Air Force fire stations. This tour was a particularly memorable time in Jim’s career. Working cooperatively with such a wide variety of people and cultures — all with their own unique languages, fire prevention practices and equipment — brought unprecedented challenges and rewards. His third daughter, Heidi, was born there in Germany.

He was honorably discharged after his tour in Germany, and in 1977, moved to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where he became Assistant Fire Marshal and his son, Jimmy, was born. In 1982, he moved his family to Woodinville, Washington, where he was promoted to Assistant Fire Chief and his son, Scott, was born. Finally in 1996, the family moved to Canby, where he is now acting Fire Chief of District 62.

Jim Davis is a man who’s dedicated his entire life to serving others. He is a man of purpose, integrity, hard work and dedication. If he ever retires — he joked that he has been set to retire on multiple occasions but simply loves the work too much to quit — he will have left a pair of shoes nearly impossible to fill.

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