The Good Life on Chantilly Street

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Written by Kelly Romo, Contributing Writer

Chantilly street, home of good neighbors

The neighbors on Chantilly Street in Wilsonville have something special. People look out for each other and are always willing to lend a hand. From hosting barbecues for 4th of July celebrations to giving rides when needed, the close-knit street truly represents a labor of love. When an ice storm hit the area in 2020, everyone showed up with chainsaws and helped clear fallen limbs from yards and driveways. When the young daughter of one of the neighbors was learning to play the trumpet, the family hosted a concert in their driveway. Many of the neighbors came to show their support, and it was such a hit that a second concert was held as she improved.
In a world where people are rushing in every direction, finding someone who genuinely cares is rare. However, that’s what happened with two of the Chantilly Street neighbors, Kathy and Anne, who became wonderful friends from the moment they met. Someone new to the neighborhood might struggle to learn which house Kathy lives in because she’s usually going between houses helping the neighbors with gardening, yard work, or dog walking.

Kathy at the beach

Anne and Kathy’s friendship started in the most beautiful way. Anne moved into the neighborhood and rented the house next to Kathy’s. Without wasting time, Kathy reached out and their friendship blossomed from day one. Kathy even welcomed Anne with a beautiful plant arrangement when she came home from work.
When Anne got a dog and had to work long hours, Kathy would go beyond the call of duty to help her. She came over twice daily to walk the dog and frequently mowed the lawn front and back. Kathy cared for the dog so well that she would often come and ask to take her for a walk when Anne was working from home.
When Anne had to move out, Kathy didn’t hesitate to lend a hand. She packed the entire kitchen, cleaned the bathroom and floors, generally went above and beyond. Even though Anne no longer lives in the neighborhood, she is still welcome and included. Once a neighbor, always a neighbor is their motto. Kathy still visits other neighbors who had to move away, showing that she genuinely cares about everyone in her life.
The story of Kathy and Anne serves as an inspiration to us all. They show us that genuine friendship exists and that kindness is worth its weight in gold. It is essential to be kind to everyone you meet and to go above and beyond to help those in need. Nowadays, it’s easy to forget the people around us, but on Chantilly Street, they treat each other like family.